Early Bronaugh Residents

The Webb Family

This family was in Bronaugh very early and was featured in the 1887 History of Vernon County. We hope to learn more about them.

From History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 807.


(Farmer, Section 8, Post-office, Bronaugh).

Mr. Webb is one of those men, too few in number, whose influence in the community where he resides is sincerely felt and appreciated by all with whom he comes in contract — an influence for good that cannot fail of producing pleasing results. It has been said that “every one has a good word for him,” and one reason of this, no doubt, is on account of his standing as an agriculturist and citizen and the prominence to which he has risen in the affairs of every day life. Conceded to be one of the county’s best farmers, he is very successful and most thorough in all that be does. His well improved farm of 240 acres will bear out the truth of this statement, for its surroundings and appearances indicate above question somewhat of the character of the owner. This place he has owned since 1879, when he first came to Vernon County. Mr. Webb is a Missourian by birth, his native county being Lawrence, and his natal day November 7, 1842; he is, therefore, just in the prime of life and at an age when his efforts will be felt. Edward Webb, his father, was a native of Virginia, but subsequently became one of the early settlers in Lawrence County, Mo., settling there in 1839. His (John’s) mother was a Miss Nancy P. Still before her marriage. Ten children blessed this union and of that number John was the second child but eldest son. He was reared in his native county upon a farm and was engaged in following this occupation when the war broke out, and then with characteristic bravery and love of country he enlisted in the 3d Missouri regiment of Shelby’s brigade. C. S. A., serving four years and twenty days. During this term of service he took part in the battles of Wilson’s Creek, Drywood, Lexington, Pea Ridge, Lone Jack, Newtonia, Prairie Grove, at Springfield under Marmaduke, Cape Girardeau and Helena, besides skirmishes innumerable. He was also on Price’s last raid and upon the close of the war he was fully satisfied of having faithfully performed that which he believed to be right. Going to Cooper County, Mo., Mr. Webb remained there five months, then settling in Lafayette County, where he made his home for 12 years, engaged in farming. In 1879, as before stated, he cast his fortunes with Vernon county, and here he has since lived —one of the county’s substantial citizens. In September, 1878, Mr. W. married Miss Mary A. Whitworth, who was born and reared in Lafayette County, Mo. They have five children: William, Thomas, Emmett, Ernest and Charles F. Four are deceased: Laura P., Nannie, Nellie and Edward.

The biography indicates that Mrs. Mary Webb's maiden name had been Whitworth. In checking census records for Lafayette County, Missouri, in 1860, Bevill Whitworth is shown with a ten year old daughter named Mary A. Whitworth. Bevill's wife was Phoebe. In checking marriage records for that area, it is shown that Bevill and Phoebe had been married in 1852, so she was not Mary's mother. Mary's mother had been Bevill's first wife, Margaret Mock (who had been killed by lightning July 23, 1850). The above biography states that Mary had married John Webb in 1878. That is most likely wrong since their first child was born about 1871. One wonders if the Webb's were attracted to Vernon County because other Whitworth's were living there.

The family was living in Vernon County by the 1880 Moundville Township census:

Sometimes a larger gap between children is indicative that a child may have died. That is the case with the Webb's. The Webb's lost a set of twin daughters in October1878. Nellie Webb died October 24, 1878, at the age of 10 days. Nannie Webb died October 22, 1878 at the age of 8 days. They were buried at Moundville Cemetery. A few years later, daughter, Laura Webb, died at the age of 4 years. Her death date was April 15, 1882, and she was also buried in the Moundville Cemetery. The biography at the top of this page indicates that a son named Edward had also died by the time the bio was written in 1887. No burial record for him has been found for him in Vernon County

The Webb's must have lived just north of Bronaugh because the children of John W. Webb were enumerated in English School District in 1896:

Squire John Webb was picking up supplies in Bronaugh one day in September 1896. He purchased a large sack of flour and was carrying it to his wagon. When he stepped from the sidewalk, he somehow lost his balance. He fell and fractured several ribs in the process. The title "Squire" was usually used to designate a Justice of the Peace.

The Webb's continued to live in Moundville Township with children born after the previous census according to the 1900 census:

John W.'s son, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Webb, who lived one-half mile west of Bronaugh sold their farm in the fall of 1905 and planned to move to Idaho.

By March 1907, Mr. John Webb was appointed to the Moundville Cemetery Directors. The minutes from the Methodist Ladies Aid Society noted that Mrs. John Webb moved away on June 8, 1908 However, by 1910, the Webb's were enumerated in Nez Perce County, Idaho. Mary told that she had had ten children and six survived.

John Webb died December 24, 1913 in Reubens, Lewis County, Idaho. He is biried at Gifford Cemetery, Nez Perce County, Idaho. Mary Whitworth Webb died April 11, 1926, also in Reubens, Idaho.  

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