Early Bronaugh Residents

Shields Family

Donna Shields Sherron shared the information for this page about her Shields and Manley ancestors.

Left: Robert Daniel Shields born 8 May, 1825 in Yorkshire Co. England and died 24 Sept. 1918 Bronaugh, Mo. He married Mary L. Ziegler on 30 Aug. 1862 in IN.

Robert was the son of William Shields who was born in England. Donna says that he is holding the gun that he used in the Civil War.

He married for the 3rd time Mary Ziegler Rausher in IN and they moved to the Bronaugh area.

Right: Mary Ziegler Rausher Shields. She was born 13 Sept. 1829 in Pa. and died 1 Jan. 1897 in Bronaugh, Mo.

Left: This is Manley and wife on their honeymoon, he was a brother to Lizzie Manley Shields.


Right: Benjamin Daniel Shields 13 Jan. 1872 in Osceala, Mo. and died 3 Jan, 1942 in Bronaugh, Mo. He married Lizzie Jane Manley on 29 July 1894 in Zodiac Springs, Mo. she was born 23 Aug. 1876 and 0 died 10 Feb. 1960 in Bronaugh, Mo.

Benjamin was the son of Robert Daniel Shields

Benjamin was the son of Robert Daniel Shields (above)

Right is Benjamin and Lizzie Manley Shields with first children, Alfa and Dora.



above: Edna Shields, daughter of Benjamin and Lizzie born ca. 1916.

Ralph Leory Shields was born 13 Nov. 1918 in Sheldon, Mo. and died 11 July 1977 in Warrensburg, Mo.married 8 Oct. 1938 Lorene Virginia Bright born 12 Sept. 1918, Montevealo, Mo. and died 11 Jan. 2005 in Clinton, Mo. Ralph Leroy Shields was the son of Benjamin Daniel Shields, above.

Donna writes, "This is Flay Manley and his dau. Lizzie Shields who was my grandmother. This is Flay's children taken in Vernon Co., MO." She continues: "Lizzie was the dau. of Flavian Joseph Manley born 8 July 1855 in Morgan Co IN., and died 4 July 1928 in Montevallo, Mo. He was married 4 Sept. 1873 to Sarah E. Brim. Flavian was the son of Benjamin B. Manley (below) "

Flay Manley (see above)

Benjamin B. Manley was born 1826 in Allen Co. Ky, and died 1873 in Cedar Co., Mo. he married Mary Dearing/Oliphant on 2 Sept. 1850. She was born in1825 in Allen Co., Ky and died in 1878 in Cedar Co. Mo. Sarah E. Brim was the dau. of John A. R. Brim and Elizabeth Robertson Brim..

Benjamin B. Manley, father of Flavian Joseph Manley, above.

Myra Manley Watkins submitted these two photos:

Left to right front row: Little Douglas Manley, Martha Jane Perry Williams Hase, Mary Matilda Hase Horrocks holding Rhea O. Manley and Claude Edward Manley - her grandfather.

Second row: Standing in white dress Wanda Horrocks and Gertrude Horrocks Manley.

above: Claude Edward Manley, her grandfather and son of John Franklin and Gertrude Horrocks Manley. Claude was born in August 1906.

Myra says that these families lived near Bronaugh from about 1900 thru 1920 and that she descends from the Manley line.

If you have Shields information to share or questions please email Donna.

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