Bronaugh Methodist Church

Here is a very nice image of the Bronaugh Methodist Episcopal Church South, as it was called about 1900. The church was built in 1887 when the town of Bronaugh was just being developed.

Below is a one of a kind view image showing the Bronaugh Methodist Church when the School was across the street from it.

Here is another Bronaugh Methodist Church Scene.

In the 1920's, the church was enlarged. In September 1922, the new three story brick school building had been completed several blocks east of the old school located across the street from the Methodist Church. In April 1924, the school board announced that the old wooden building was for sale and they were taking bids. The high bid was sibmitted by the Ladies of the Methodist Church. The wood, windows and doors of the school were used to build a large annex to the east of the original structure. This construction took several years and extra funding came from Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Buford. A concrete obelisk hangs on the north side of the church annex, giving its name.

The old wooden school.

The "new" church annex from the east. Notice that the upstairs windows appear the same.

Annex from the south

The Buford Memorial Plaque appears to be made of concrete.


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