Bronaugh Methodist Church

Here is a scan of the combined choir at the Bronaugh Methodist Church on Easter, 1957. The photo was shared by Hazel Wise via Lindell Haverstic. The choir includes member from both the Bronaugh and Moundville Methodist churches. Here is the scan and then a closer up shot with identities.

Row 1

Row 2


  • Mary Lorene Lent
  • Myrtle Lent
  • Myrna Lent
  • Betty Post
  • Jerry Irwin
  • Hazel Phipps
  • Mary Kay Shrimplin
  • Marion Shrimplin
  • Iva Reed
  • LaNell Linn
  • Jerry Lee Irwin
  • Donna Irwin
  • Don't know
  • LaRue Fengler
  • Neva Post
  • Iva Shaw
  • Irene Shrimplin
  • Mark Gordon
  • Henry Gordon
  • Donald Irwin
  • Ed Fengler
  • Bob Gordon
  • Norman Jones
  • Bob Gast
  • Ira Shaw

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