World's Fair Train Wreck

Missouri Scenes



When the train reached Pleasant Hill, it was split in two because it had become too heavy for one engine.

The second half of the World's Fair train passed Warrensburg, heading east.

A west-bound freight was coming from Sedalia and was directed to wait for the trains to pass.The freight crew probably fell asleep. They then pulled onto the tracks and just after 4 a.m. on October 10, 1904

,The terrible head-on crash occurred between Warrensburg and Montserrat. Today, the Bristle Ridge Vineyard is a nice landmark not far from the wreck site.

Passengers in the front coach were killed. Few injuries occurred in any other coaches.

Twenty nine people were killed almost instantly. One more died later and many were injured.

People from miles around came to help or just to look.

The injured were taken to the MK&T Hospital in Sedalia and the dead were prepared in a make-shift morgue at the Opera House in Warrensburg.

Within a day or two, funerals were being held in small towns in Southwest Missouri and Southeastern Kansas.

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