Early Bronaugh Residents

The Worsley Family

Lisa Worley and Jack and Mary Allen and others have shared many scans of their Worsley ancestors who settled around Bronaugh before the town of Bronaugh was founded:

John O. Worsley

left: Tintype of John Orlando Worsley

right: John O. Worsley


Since both are John, it appears that one or the other is reversed - notice the part in his hair.

John O. Worsley

John O. and Mary Worsley

left: John O. & Mary Worsley


right: John O. Worsley & Sarah Worsley. Sarah never married.

John O. Worsley and sister Sarah

Blanche and Cynthia Worsley

left: Blanche and Cynthia Worsley, ca 1906, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Worsley



right: This article is from the 1932 Bronaugh Journal tells about an adventure of two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Worsley. You can learn more about Belmont School at another page on this website.

children of John O and Mary Worsley

left: Deanna Cocke Morrison shared this scan of the children of John Orlando Worsley and Mary Dauphene Gillett Worsley. They are: Alfred Valiny (b:28 Aug 1872), Allen (Dick) Hayden (b:28 Jul 1874), Cora Estelle (b:15 Aug 1880), Boyd Armstrong (b:15 Sep 1883), Blanche Adele (b:11 Mar 1886/87), George Harris (b:12 Oct 1888).......Cynthia Eliza, the one not in the picture was born 3 Apr 1891....,so the picture was taken before then.

right: Allen Worsley (right) taken in Nevada. Lisa says that Allen's friend on the left is W. C. Grace.

W. C Grace and Allen Worsley

 Allen Worsley and W. C. Grace

left: Another photo of Allen Worsley on the left. There is some debate as to the identity of his friend on the right. The friend may be Van Towner.

right: Mo Lassies - Dauphene, Lois & Ruth Worsley on Worsley Hill.

Note about Worsley Hill from Lyndon: I asked my dad, Don Irwin, about Worsley Hill. He said that Worsley Hill refers to the hill just to the south of Worsley Cemetery. That was the Worsley Homeplace. He tells that at one time his folks told him that there was a real tall fence in front of the house in which the Worsleys kept some deer. The farm was later sold to the Musgrave family. Several years later, Mary Musgrave married Walter McReynolds and they bought the farm. Herbert Irwin bought the farm from the McReynolds'. So Worsley Hill has gone by several names. Some call it the Musgrave place, some call it the McReynolds place and of course some call it Worsley Hill. I remember the house stood until the late 50's or early 60's and was abandoned for many years.


Arra and Dorcas Worsley

left, Arra B. Davis Worsley with Dorcas, ca. 1909.

right: Dorcas Worsley & her little sister - Mildred Dauphene....maybe about 1913 or later.

Mildred and Dorcas Worsley

Boyd Worsley family


left: Boyd Worsley family - sitting (l-r):Paul Eugene, Dorcas Laurene; Boyd Armstrong; Mildred Dauphene.....standing: Arra Belle Davis Worsley

right: The children of Boyd & Arra Worsley.....from tallest to shortest are: Dorcas; Dauphene;Gene;Ruth;Ward....taken about 1921 or 1922 near Bronaugh at their house.

children of Boyd and Arra Worsley

Dorcas Worsley

Left: Dorcas at age 16.


Right: Dorcas Worsley & Merle Wade....their wedding picture, about 1925.

Merle and Dorcas Worsley Wade

John O. Worsley

John Orlando Worsley

Worsley ladies

Cynthia Worsley on left, Mary Dauphene is in the middle with Cora on right. Blanche is in the back.

Allen Worsley family

Deanna Cocke Morrison shared this photo of the Allen Hayden Worsley family, Back row is John, Audrey, Lois and front row is Wandadeane, Allen {Dick}, Dauphene and Fannie.

left to right: Cynthia Worsley Pohl, Blanche Worsley Hope, Cora Worsley Thompson...there is no date......daughters of John Orlando Worsley

From History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 783.


(Farmer and Stock-raiser, Section 25, Post-office, Bronaugh).

John 0. Worsley, now only a little over 41 years of age, and yet one of the county’s largest property owners as well as representative, substantial citizens, both financially and otherwise, was born in LaSalle county, Ill., December 14, 1846. John H. Worsley, his father, came originally from the District of Columbia, and by calling was an agriculturist. The maiden name of his (John’s) mother was Matilda Dewey. Five children were born to this worthy couple, and of this number John O. was the third child. He was brought up in his native county, early being taught the rudiments of farm labor, and afterwards working at that occupation until well qualified to carry on an estate of his own. He obtained in youth also an excellent knowledge of the stock business, and this has been of great benefit to him in later years. In 1876, he removed from Illinois to this county, and ever since his settlement here he has closely attended to his chosen avocation. Success far above the ordinary has followed his efforts in this direction. The owner of 2,320 acres of land, and one of the county’s largest tax-payers, he is besides, among the most progressive, always being ready to do more than a full share to aid any worthy enterprise or lend a helping hand in the development of the resources of this section. Of good executive ability, he gives close attention to business, personally supervising the conduct of his affairs; and, as may be supposed, he is a hard worker. Personally he is accorded universal esteem, it having been said that every one has a kind word for him. In 1871 Mr. Worsley was married to Miss Mary Gillette, whose birth occurred in Illinois also. She is a daughter of S. B. Gillette. To Mr. and Mrs. Worsley five children have been given: Alfred, Allen, Cora, Boyd and Blanche.


Right- The Worsley Graves at Worsley Cemetery

Mystery Photos but probably not Worsley's or Gibbs'

The top two mystery photos were both taken in Liberal, Missouri. They are with a collection of Worsley and Gibbs photos. The gentleman in both appears to be the same. Jack and Mary Allen have these photos. Hope someone can give them a clue. They do not appear to be from the Worsley or Gibbs family but surely they were friends or neighbors. Remember - the top two photos were taken in nearby Liberal.

Another unidentified photo among the Worsley / Gibbs photos

If you have Worsley information to share or questions please email Lisa Worley.

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