Oltmanns of Hollwege and Moorburg, Oldenburg, Germany

This is the Anna and Bernhard Oltmanns family.

Seated are George, Anna and Bernhard Oltmanns

Standing are Marianne Elizabeth, Karl, and Fritz Oltmanns

The information on the four children follows:


Birth Date

Death Date


Karl Heinrich Oltmanns

March 30, 1900

November 1, 1978

Johanne Margarete Hollander

Marianne Elisabeth Oltmanns

August 20, 1907


Wilhelm Peters

Georg Friedrich Oltmanns

February 15, 1903

Edna Schmidtke

Fritz Heinrich Oltmanns

March 26, 1916


Friedel Hahnsen

Juanita Willers Bruns provided the photo and Dirk Oltmanns provided the information about his great grandparents. .

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