Willers Ancestry - Hollwege, Oldenburg, Germany

Here is the ancestry of Johann Diedrich Willers of Hollwege as prepared by Dirk Oltmanns of Moorburg, Germany. You will notice that the information is in German. However, if you use the following, you can translate it:

* means born

+ means died

vh means married

filia means parents

Generation 1: Johann Diedrich Willers *12.11.1840 Hollwege, +30.1.1914 Moorburg Köter zu Hollwege, seit 1907 bei seiner Tochter in Moorburg, vh. 19.10.1869 Westerstede: Anna Elisabeth Hupens *29.5.1845 Moorburg, +4.2.1907 Hollwege (filia Johann Friedrich Hupens und die Gesche Sophia Lamken)

Generation 2: Siefke Willers *29.9.1802 Hollwege, +4.1.1890 Hollwege Köter in Hollwege, vh. 4.12.1832 Westerstede: Anna Margarethe Meinen *14.6.1810 Hollwege, +27.8.1900 Hollwege (filia Tönjes Meinen und die Talke Duy Siefken)

Generation 3: Johann Diedrich Willers *18.10.1761 Hollwege, +21.12.1838 Hollwege Köter in Hollwege, vh. 15.5.1795 Westerstede: Lüke Sophie Hupens *14.12.1770 Hollwege, +29.9.1846 Hollwege

Generation 4: Wübke Willers *11.10.1740 Hollwege, +20.10.1761 Hollwege vh. mit Johann Friedrich Hupens genannt Willers (Johann Friedrich Willers 1780-1790 Krug zu Hollwege)

Generation 5: Dierk Willers *22.12.1697 Hollwege, +11.12.1754 Hollwege

Generation 6: Dierk Willers *11.3.1659 Hollwege, +6.2.1706 Hollwege, vh. 1.12.1691 Hille Hobby (filia Dierk Hobby) 1681 Dierk Willers, Köter in Hollwege

Generation 7: Johann Willers vh. 14.11.1658 Talke Wiemken

Generation 8: 1632/1640/1644/1645/1653 Dietrich Willers

Generation 9: 1581 Wellers de Vogt Sohn, Köter in Hollwege


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