Wilker Family of Bronaugh

The John H. Wilker family was one of the earliest to settle around Bronaugh, originating in Germany. The 1870 census lists them in Moundville township:

John Wilker


born in Baden

Mary Wilker


born in Baden

Clara E Wilker


born in Missouri

Eliza J Wilker


born in Missouri

Matilda Wilker


born in Missouri

Caroline Wilker


born in Missouri

Charles Wilker


born in Missouri

Clara B Wilker


born in Missouri

The Wilker's continued to have more children into the 1870's. The 1880 census lists:

John H. Wilker


born in Hannover

Marie Wilker


born in Hannover

Mathilde Wilker


born in Missouri

Charles Wilker


born in Missouri

Bell Wilker


born in Missouri

John Wilker


born in Missouri

Lee Wilker


born in Missouri

Myrthle Wilker


born in Missouri

Luli Wilker


born in Missouri

Note that the Bell Wilker in 1880 is the daughter who was called Clara B. in 1870. Also, the son named Lee was Wilson Lee Wilker.

A male child was born July 23, 1883 to John and Caroline Wilker Kennedy. Medical attendant was Mr. Earhart. Caroline was age 24.

Belle Wilker, age 17, died February 17, 1885. She had been born in Vernon County. Cause of death was either Typhoid or Enteric Fever, with a complication of "Hemorrhage of Bowels." Dr. Robinson attended. She was buried at Bicket Cemetery. (see photo below)

Her father, J. H. Wilker also died in 1885. No cause of death has been found but it is interesting that they died the same year.

Two of the sons of John and Mary died in 1894:

  • John H. Wilker died March 23, 1894 and was buried at Bicket
  • George M. Wilker died just a week later on April 1, 1894. He was buried beside his brother at Bicket (see grave markers below)

W. L. Wilker was married in Nevada on November 3, 1897. His bride was Miss Lucy A. Pine of Alva, Oklahoma. Dr. Dinwiddie officiated over their wedding. Lucy was a daughter of Charles Pine. Charles Pine was shown with five children living just a few houses away from the John Wilker family in the 1880 Moundville township (Vernon County, MO) census.

The 1900 Moundville Township census listed Wilson L. Wilker with his bride (who was called Elizabeth?) along with his widowed Mother.

Wilson L. Wilker


born August 1872 in Missouri

Elizabeth A Wilker


born November 1874 in Missouri

Mary M Wilker


born December 1835 in Germany

Charles Davis


born June 1887 in Missouri (servant)

The census also tells that Mary had had 14 children and 7 survived. It also tells that she had come to America in 1837.

Bicket Cemetery records show that Mary died in 1917. She was buried beside her husband who had died in 1885.

J. H. Wilker

1828 - 1885


Mary, his wife

1835 - 1917

Clara B. Wilker

born Mar. 7, 1869

died Feb 17, 1885

John H. Wilker

son of J. H. and M. Wilker

died Mar. 23, 1894

age 23 y, 3 (or 8) m

George M. Wilker

son of J. H. and M. Wilker

died April 1, 1894

aged 13y, 10m

Charles Wilker married Alver M. Thornhill, daughter of John Thornhill. They lived in Moundville Township for the rest of their lives. They had a son Elmer and a daughter, Geneva Beryl (who married Robert Linn).

Beryl Wilker Linn, daughter of C. W. and Alver Thornhill Wilker

Worsley Cemetery records include burials for:

  • Charles W. Wilker 1863 - 1958
  • Alver M. Thornhill Wilker 1869 - 1941
  • Robert L. Linn 1890 - 1966
  • G. Beryl (Wilker) Linn 1890 - 1966 

By the 1920 census, Wilson Lee Wilker and his wife Lucy had moved to Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas where he worked in the smelter. That census lists Wilson as age 47 and Lucy, age 46. Living with them was their daughter Irma-lee, age 6 who had been born in Missouri. This tells us that they had probably moved to Kansas after about 1914.

Lucy Pine Wilker died in 1925. She was brought back to Bronaugh for burial at Worsley Cemetery. Beside her is a small stone marking burial of Wilker infants, indicating that Wilson and Lucy had lost unknown infants before moving to Kansas.

Wilson L. Wilker, age 56 was listed as living at Caney, still working in the smelter in the 1930 census. Irma-Lee, age 16 lived with him.

Wilson died in 1935 and was buried beside Lucy at Worsley Cemetery (below). To one side of this stone is a small hand-made stone with just the initials LW and to the other side is the marker for the un-named Wilker infants.

Worsley Cemetery, Bronaugh, MO

Worsley Cemetery, Bronaugh, MO

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