The Weltmer Institute

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Anna Leonard

Weltmer Graduate, 1903

Loretta Young wrote that in the summer 2007 she was visiting Sacramento , CA and took her daughter and granddaughter to visit a house where she had lived as a child. While there she met Mr. Bill Patrick who has lived there 50 years. He told her that he added a room on many years back and hidden in one of the walls was a container that had a diploma from Weltmer School Nevada, Missouri for “Anna Leonard” dated 1/18/1903. With the diploma was a silk screen painting of a woman that they presume was “Anna” who looked like she might have been in her early twenties. Both documents were in excellent condition. Loretta talked to her mother who said it had to have been placed in the wall before their family lived there and she didn’t know the person. However this is quite a treasure and they are interested in learning more about Anna.

Loretta sent some photos:

The picture (top of page) that has a long looking bar on the left is the container that the diploma and picture were in.

We assume that the picture to the left is of Anna Leonard.

The man in the picture standing to the right is Mr. Patrick who found the picture in the bathroom wall when he remodeled the room.

They are now trying to find out what the name of the lady was that lived in the house around 1952 when Loretta's mother bought it. The lady was around 70yrs old which would be around the age of Anna.

This is the signatures on the diplotma. The names include S. A. Weltmer, M. M. Sterling, J. Wellen Long, J. E. Weltmer and S. W. Axtell.

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