The Weltmer Institute

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Floyd Harlow Lawrence has shared a letter to his Grandmother, Lucretia Harlow, in 1914 from Sidney A. Weltmer. In the letter he was "enticing" her to come to his Institute for Diabetes treatment. Floyd writes that there was no effective treatment at the time, except for sugar intake control. Lucretia did not go, and eventually died of untreated type 2 diabetes in 1922. Floyd tells that Lucretia down the type 2 diabetes to family members. Insulin came on the market about the time Lucretia died.

One of Lucretia's sons died of type 1 at 22, and was diagnosed as dropsy. What a shame quacks took advantage of these poor people, but if you consider it took until the 1920s to get Drs to wash their hands between patients. It is no wonder the life expectancy was so short. Floyd Harlow Lawrence

The photo shows Ike Harlow foreground and Lucretia Harlow foreground. Two people died of diabetes in this picture and two were affected,

Here are the letters shared by Floyd. Notice that the second letter is signed by Sidney Weltmer.

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