Living in a Tent

Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

Above is a great photo postcard from about 1912. Read below for more information.

I purchased a group of post cards that included the two scans shown on this page. Postcards in this group, if mailed, were postmarked Nevada. The cards were from Joe Majors and most were mailed to Mrs. Sylvia Myers at Irwin, MO. Joe referred to her as "sister" and an earlier card in the group was sent to Miss Sylvia Majors at Nevada.

The card at the top shows Joe and his "paw". I assume they lived in this tent. The details are interesting on it - the snow line on the side of the tent, the horses, the path to the outhouse etc.

The photo to the left came with the above photo and is identified Joe Majors with his friend Elmer Morris. In comparing the two photos, it would be Joe on the right, Elmer on the left.

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