Early Bronaugh Residents

The Stoll Family

Charles Stoll told in the 1900 census that he had come to America from Germany in 1853. Nancy Thompson located his marriage: Charles Stoll married Johanetta Hartman on April 9, 1863 in Clark County, Indiana. The 1870 census for Clark County shows the family living in Utica Township with their surname spelled "Stohl":

Based on the obituary of Elizabeth many years later, the Charles Stoll family moved to the vicinity of what became Bronaugh, Vernon County, MO, in about 1873.

The 1880 Vernon County census showed the family living in Moundville Township:

  • Charles Stoll, age 46, born in Prussia (and had pneumonia when the census was taken)
  • Nettie Stoll, age 37, born in Prussia
  • Lizzie Stoll, age 14, born in Indiana
  • John Stoll, age 10, born in Indiana
  • Otto Stoll, age 8, born in Indiana

William C. Burton married Lizzie C. Stoll on March 5, 1885. R. H. G. Keeran presided.

On January 17, 1900, Mrs. C. G. (Nettie F.) Stoll died in Moundville. She had been a Bronaugh resident before moving to Moundville. Her birth date was August 26, 1843. She had been a member of the Methodist Church. She was buried at Worsley Cemetery.

The 1900 census then shows Charles Stoll living with his newly married son Otto and family:

  • Otto Stoll, age 30, born April 1870 in Indiana
  • Anna Stoll, age 30, born April 1870 in Illinois
  • Malinda Stoll, age 4 months, born in Missouri
  • Charles G. Stoll, age 66, born July 1833 in Germany
  • Emma Stoll, age 15, born February 1885 in Missouri

Otto W. Stoll of Bronaugh died at the age of only 36 on May 2, 1908. Otto had worked all day on Friday loading hay and seemed to be feeling well. He retired as usual but about midnight, he suffered a heart attack and died before help could arrive. He left a wife and three children. He had been raised in Vernon County and was a member of the Bronaugh Methodist Church. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America. His funeral was held on Sunday afternoon with the MWA in charge. Burial was in Worsley Cemetery. About a month after her husband's death, Mrs. Otto Stoll and children moved to Spokane, Washington. Her father, Mr. Baldwin, had come to help his daughter move.

One of Bronaugh's "popular and talented" young ladies was married in June 1909. The bride was Miss Emma May Stoll and the groom was Dr. Lawrence G. Clark, a "veterinary surgeon" from Nevada.

By the 1910 census, Elizabeth Stoll Burton was a widow and her father lived with her in Bronaugh:

  • Elizabeth Burton, age 44, born in Indiana. Widow.
  • Nettie Burton, age 24, born in Missouri
  • Charles Stoll , age 76, born in Germany

The Board of Trustees of the Methodist Church accepted a gift of property on May 30, 1910. Charles G. Stoll donated lots 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Block 32 in Bronaugh. The property was to be used for the construction of a parsonage. Stoll included the stipulation that a house of at least $1,000 in value must be built on the property by September 1, 1911, or the property would revert back to him or his heirs.

Charles G. Stoll died January 30, 1914 in Moundville Township. His death certificate listed his birth date as July 17, 1833. W. D. Konantz of Arcadia, KS was the undertaker with burial at Worsley Cemetery.

obituary for Lizzie Burton

This obituary, from the Bronaugh Journal, is a portion of the same one that is on the Burton page.

C. G. Stoll, Worsley Cemetery

Nettie Stoll, Worsley Cemetery


Otto Stoll, Worsley Cemetery

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