Early Bronaugh Residents

The Starr Family

Joe Doores provided this scan of his Starr ancestors who lived in Bronaugh. This is the Charles W. Starr family.

Susan Doores provided identifications:

standing left - right:

  • Emma Gretchen Starr (who married Robert Moses Doores)
  • Alma Lennie Starr, (who married Vinton K. Hartman)
  • Myrtle Hanna Starr (who married Joseph Leslie Doores)
  • Clarence Starr. (see photo below)

Seated are:

  • Mr. Charles Willard Starr
  • Clara Starr (who married Charles T. Grounds}
  • Mrs. Malinda (Lennie) Starr.

These two photos were among the Doores photos shared by Lindell Haverstic.


Left: Clarence Willard Starr, the boy in the upper photo. Clarence was born July 12, 1885 and he married Nettie Burton on February 25, 1914. He eventually moved to Arcadia, Nebraska. They are buried at Worsley Cemetery. Clarence's dates are 1885 - 1957.

Right: Lucille Starr

Susan Doores shared these two scans of very early photos.

Left is Charles Willard Starr, who died November 20, 1897. He had been born in 1852 in Wisconsin.

Right is Melinda (Lennie) Fries Starr. She was born February 12, 1854 in Virginia. She and her widowed mother moved to Bronaugh when she was 15.

Charles and Lennie were married February 22, 1883 in Golden City, MO. They moved to Bronaugh in March 1893.

Myrtle Hannah Starr who was born in 1884 in Golden City, MO."

After Charles' death in 1897, Lennie was left with five children to support. She took the job as Bronaugh's postmistress. Charles had been appointed postmaster on October 6, 1897 but died just a month and a half later. Lennie then held that position from December 7, 1897 - September 4, 1914.

One of her daughters, Mrs. R. M. Doores died October 17, 1930.

Mrs. Lennie Starr died February 13, 1941 in Lyons, Kansas. She had been living there with her daughter, Mrs. Alma Hartman. Her funeral was held at the Bronaugh Christian Church on February 15. The quartet that sang was Mrs. Blanche Ricketts, Mrs. Rebekah Saathoff, F. L. Holland and Herbert Folk. Pallbearers were all grandsons, Willard, Don, James and Jack Doores, Clark Hartman and Glen Cox. Burial was beside her husband who had died 44 years earlier.

Left: Susan Doores shared this photo and wrote: "This original photo is labeled "Mama" on the back in pencil." It was in with items she received from her Aunt Maurine Doores Adelsperger who passed away in February, 2007.

Mrs. Lennie Starr

Myrtle Starr (Doores)

Left and Right: Myrtle Hannah Starr, wife of J.L. Doores. Images from Susan Doores.

Myrtle Starr (Doores)

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