Early Bronaugh Residents

P. H. W. Reed

Pharoah H. W. Reed and his wife, Alice lived two miles northwest of Bronaugh. (I'm not sure if it was spelled Pharoah or Pharaoh). He usually went by PHW.

Pharoah Henry William Reed was born in 1860. This image was taken at a studio in California, MO. The 1880 census listed him in Moniteau County, MO.

P. H. W. Reed married Alice English. Her death certificate spells it as English, but it may have been Inglish which would be consistent with the Inglish School house that was about a mile from their home.

This unidentified photo may be of Phillip Reed, father of Pharaoh. This suggestion is made because the photo was taken in the same studio in California, MO where Pharaoh's photo was taken.

Alice's death certificate tells that she was born in Jamestown, MO. This small town is in Moniteau County, where PHW was listed in the 1880 census. Her parents are not listed on the death certificate.


Left: A 1957 clipping from an unnamed newspaper about the death of Mr. Reed.

Right: Grave marker for PHW Reed and Alice Reed from Newton Cemetery in Nevada, MO.

Below are two photos of PHW at home and with a horse. PHW also raised purebred Poland China hogs.

  • Alice's dates are 1862 - 1938
  • PHW's dates are 1862 - 1957


After PHW Reed died in 1957, his home and contents were sold. The house was moved and among the contents was a very old photo album that was full of unidentified tin-type and cabinet style photos. Photos of PHW and Alice are included. I have scanned most of the others and am showing them below in hopes that some Reed or Inglish relative will recognize someone. Thanks for Norman and Beth Jones for sharing the album.

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