Early Bronaugh Residents

The Purdum Family

The Wade Purdum family was one of the earliest in Bronaugh. In 1886, Wade Purdum operated the Lumberyard in Bronaugh owned by Mr. Robinson. In 1887, he was building his own home in Bronaugh. Later in 1887, he purchased a stock of hardware. In 1888, Wade Purdum signed a petition for Bronaugh to have a saloon. In 1889, Wade was involved with getting new seats for the new Methodist Church in Bronaugh. Late in 1889, Wade's ice house was set on fire. In 1893 Mr. and Mrs. Wade Purdum went to the Chicago World's Fair. Burglars broke into his hardware store in 1894. Later in 1894, he was sued in a property deal by Mrs. Al Duncan. This is the last prominent mention of Wade Purdum.

I purchased a post card awhile back addressed to Mrs. Wade Purdum of Colton, California and postmarked Bronaugh, 1907.

Ernest Purdum, born around 1885. Ernest was a boyhood friend of Chester Gibbs.

Ernest had a younger sister, Edith.

Photo shared by Jack and Mary Helen Allen.

We find the Wade Purdum family living in Colton, California according to the 1910 census:

  • Wade Purdum, age 62, born in Ohio
  • Frances W. Purdum, age 51, born in Illinois
  • Ernest Purdum, age 24, born in Missouri
  • Edith Purdum, age 26, born in Illinois

The census seems indicate that the Purdum's had moved to Missouri between the time of the births of their children.

When Ernest registered for World War I, he was living in Nogales, Arizona. He was married and an attorney.

By 1924, both Ernest and his father were listed in Precinct 967 in the voter enumeration. By 1927 Ernest was an Associate Professor of Evidence at Loyola University of Los Angeles.

Ernest Purdum sent a letter to Chester Gibbs in 1956. Ernest told that his mother had died the year before at the age of 97 and that his father had died at age 87.

Ernest died September 9, 1963. His death record showed that his mother's maiden name was Reynolds.


Ernest's obituary from the Los Angeles Times, Sept 11, 1963.

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