Prairie Flower School

Prairie Flower was a one room school 2 miles northeast of Bronaugh, Missouri. Land for the school was donated by William Twigg, who owned the 160 acres surrounding the school.

Nothing remains of the school today. However to find the spot where the school was once located, go north from Bronaugh on Highway 43. Turn east on Highway N. Travel a little more than one mile east on N and you will come to a gravel road intersection. Prairie Flower was located a few hundred feet on east beyond that intersection.

Prairie Flower, ca 1910
  • First row left - Roland Janes
  • Second Row - Lois E. Twigg, Ina Saathoff, Fanny Nord, 5 unknown, Alberta Nord, Anna Nord, Otto Janes,
  • Back Row - 6 unknown, John F. Saathoff, Otto Saathoff, Grace Janes, rest unknown

Prairie Flower, District 61, 1912
  • Back Row: Virgel Alexander, ???, George Saathoff, Berl Nord, Pearl Mabry, Ina Saathoff, Marv Alexander, Amanda Kuhlman, Dicy Noel, Ruth Haines, Fannie Nord, Claribel Haunschild, Verona Nord, Alma Saathoff, Juanita Thompson.
  • Front Row: Frank Saathoff, Johnie Nord, Wilford Haunshild, Sammie Semler, Crystal and Alice Alexander, Marie and Marion Hanes, Ruby Fine, Erma Thompson, Viola Mabry, Lee Earl Thompson.
  • Kathy Fengler Keithly identified the teacher, her grandmother, Amanda Kuhlman, as the young lady on the back row in the middle of the photo (colored dress, hair up). She looks like one of the students!
Prairie Flower, 1917-18
  • The girl wearing the dark coat in the middle is Alma Saathoff and tallest boy on back is Frank Saathoff. The boy with the basketball is Wayne Twigg. Can you identify any of the others?
Prairie Flower, ca. 1932

Only a few are identified:

  • Second row left is Elmer Saathoff and on the far right is Raymond Townson
  • Third row second from left is Betty Doores
  • Carl Wittenbrink identifies himself as the tall boy standing on the left.
  • Fourth row, third from the left is Eileen Doores
    • Photo shared by Betty Doores Nelson.
Last Day of School Picnic - Prairie Flower, ca. 1932
  • Middle row left is Betty Doores, second is Raymond Townson
  • Third row second from left is Elmer Saathoff.
  • Carl Wittenbrink identifies himself as the boy standing on back row right.
    • Photo shared by Betty Doores Nelson

If you have any other Prairie Flower photos, I would like to post more her.

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