Patterson Cemetery

My first visits to Patterson Cemetery were in the mid-1980's. At that time, Sadie and John Kuhlman were still living. They had looked after the cemetery, but were unable to care for the cemetery as they had so faithfully done for so long. However, the cemetery was adequately fenced to keep livestock out.

In 1998 I returned to Patterson Cemetery. Its condition was terrible. The fence was down and cattle had knocked over most of the stones. It is a shame that a cemetery should be so neglected, particularly one which has Revolutionary War soldiers in it.

I am very pleased to know that in 2003, the Friends of Paint Lick organization has taken on the restoration of Patterson Cemetery as one of its projects. Funds are being collected for restoration and for care of this historic cemetery. If you would like to contribute to this effort or can offer time, here is the address:

I have sent my donation and encourage others who have ancestors in Patterson Cemetery to assist in its restoration either financially or with your time. I wish I was closer to Paint Lick to be on site to help.

I am posting some of my photos of the cemetery on this page. If you have older or better photos, e-mail me and we will try to make arrangements to post them here also.

Patterson Graves, 1998

Graves of Revolutionary War Patriot John Patterson and wife Elizabeth

Grave of Revolutionary War Patriot William Patterson

Grave of Ann Patterson, born 1778,

daughter of John Patterson, wife of Samuel Patterson

Patterson Cemetery in 1982 while still fenced

Patterson Cemetery in 1982 while still fenced

I have another server in which I have placed Patterson Grave Marker scans. These scans are all large and will be slow to load, but if you want to see detail of the grave markers, follow this link and be patient.

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