Noel family of Bronaugh

Rosemary Noel shared the photos and information for this page:

Ludwig “Louis” Noel was born in Mendon , Germany and came to America as a small child. Anna Spilker was born in St. Louis and moved to Cherokee Co., KS with her family when she was a teenager. The family sold their Cherokee County, KS farm to a coal company and moved to Missouri in 1904.

Louis Noel died in 1915 at age of 57.

In 1917 son Karl and wife Lydia Naffziger moved to the farm and mother Anna moved to the east side of Bronaugh. Marjorie Noel was born at the farm in Barton County .When Marjorie was one year old the Karl Noel family purchased and moved to a farm one mile north of Bronaugh and lived there until 1962. Geraldine, Millicent and Norman Noel were born on the farm north of Bronaugh. The children all attended school at Bronaugh.

Here is the Noel family c. 1907. Lena is not born yet.

Back row: Georg, Henry, Karl, John

Front row: Lou, Ludwig “Louis”, Christina, Anna, Mother Anna Spilker Noel

Rosemary notes that she found German names given the boys in some Pittsburg Lutheran Church records. It appears that the family immediately Americanized and did not write those names in the old way anywhere else.

A few Noel family members are mentioned in the Moundville Lutheran Church records.


This photo was probably taken in 1914 as Ludwig died March of 1915.


People in the photo:

Back l to r: George, John Christina (Chrstiansen), Karl

Middle: Ludwig “Louis”, Ann Spilker Noel, Henry

Front Lena (Reed), Louis “Lou”, Anna (Addlesperger)

Louis and Anna Noel family in about February 1910.

At the porch – Christina Carolina Louise, Anna Caroline Emma, Friedrich Ludwig “Louis”, Anna Christina Marie Spilker, Lena Marie;

Brothers standing at the side of the house - Johann Justis “John”, Louis Andrew “Lou”, George Ludwig, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm “Henry”, and Karl Friedrich Noel.

The house was located one mile east of Hiway 43 and one half mile south of the Vernon County line.

Karl Friedrich Noel and Lydia Naffzinger Noel, October,1917

Family event at Anna Noel’s home - Bronaugh , Mo summer 1919.

Back Row: George Noel, Eva Ricketts Noel, Marjorie & Karl Noel, Lydia Noel, Christina Noel, Lou Noel

Middle Row: Ruth Noel (behind Lena )

Front Row: Henry Noel, Edwin Noel, Lena Noel (Reed); Grandma Anna Spilker Noel, Allene Smith, Anna Noel (Addlesperger); Mildred Noel, baby Leo & John Noel

The original two story T frame home at the Noel Farm. Probably built about 1894.

This Bronaugh Journal article is about the May 1933 burning of the original two story T frame home at the Noel Farm.

Following the fire Karl and Lydia Noel purchased a Gordon Van Tyne kit or prefabricated story and a half bungalow home . It was shipped from Davenport , IA via boxcar. The pre-cut lumber, etc. was put together in place where the old house stood.

Karl & Lydia Noel Family c. 1950:

Geraldine Ruth Noel Roggensees, Anna Millicent Noel Meyer, Marjorie Maxine Noel Range , Norman Louis Noel, Lydia E. Naffziger Noel, and Karl Friederich Noel

Karl Friedrich Noel and Lydia Naffzinger Noel, 1967

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