Moundville Depot

Moundville, Vernon County, Missouri


Here is a great scan of the the early depot. What a nice building it was.

Here are close-ups of the men:


The late Mrs. Iva Shaw identified the third man from the right is Bert Butler.

Lisa Nelson reports thats her Aunt says that the man 2nd from the left is Nealy Martin Addison [her father, Lisa's grandfather]. They say that he most certainly worked for the railroad in Moundville. She said that Nealy Martin had a gold Hamilton watch from the railroad that he had given to his son, her father, and that it was then given to them and she still has it.

See below for alternate identification of one of them:

Joy K. disagrees about the identify of 2nd from the left: She wrote: "My great grandfather, William T Twigg operated this crew. She believes second from left is August Twigg, adopted son of William T Twigg. August Twigg is Anna Catherina Stadtmann (Twigg) first born child from a previous marriage. It certainly makes sense that the man is August Twigg since William's sons did work for him for a while." Then she sent a photo (to the right) of August Twigg later in life. There is a strong resemblance.

This is a composite that I made of the two faces for comparison.

Depot Agent

Here are two scans shared by Vic Hinds that include a later Moundville Section Crew. This photo was taken a few years after the one above.

3rd from left is Clyde Ashbaugh.

Close up of the depot and you can see it see it is the same building as the depot at the top of the page. Notice also that there are no trees!

Section Crew. (from Vic Hinds)
Clyde Ashbaugh on left. We should be able to identfy the rest
Later Moundville Section Crew - See enlargements below
Does anyone recognize these guys?

Deanna Cocke Morrison shared this image and identifies her grandfather, Robert John Cocke as the Section crew leader, closest on the right. We don't know the other two.

Another later view of the section crew. Robert John Cocke on the left.

Image from Deanna Cocke Morrison.

This is the Moundville Section house. The crew lived here at first. However, at a later time, we believe this is the house where the Nunez family lived for many years. It was Southeast of Moundville, not far south of where the rail line curved north. Image from Deanna Cocke Morrison. Janet Cocke Smith tells that the family pictured is that of Robert John Cocke. Janet' says that her dad was just a tot so the picture was probably taken about 1921 or 1922. He was the youngest of 11 children so the group on the porch are his siblings. It appears that their mother is there, too.

In late January, 2016, the ticket box and desk bell, identified as being from the Moundville, Missouri Depot was offered on Ebay. I purchased it and I am showing it below. It did not come with a key, but the good news is that it wasn't locked. The bell has a beautiful ring.

If you recognize anyone else, e-mail me and I will add it to this page.  

Here is a 1955 view. There still weren't many trees.


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