Moundville Methodist Church 1912

Here is a close up of the Moundville Methodist Church members about 1912 or 1913.

This photo is difficult to identify individuals in because they are not lined up very well. Lindell Haverstic's records provide some identifications:

Front row: Pauline McDonald, Eunice Campbell, Lucille Irwin, Herbert Foks, Aline Butler with Gretine behind her, Hugh Folks, Roger Irwin, Irene Campbell, Helen Morton, Ruth McAdoo behind Irene and Helen, in front of Helen is Owen and Ellen Brown, behind Erene is Merle Woods, behind Lucille Irwin is Neil McDonald.

Far left: Harold Game, behind him is Bob Williams.

Middle of second Row: Howard Campbell, Gid Janes are both in dark suits.

Third Row: Gertrude McDonald, Mamie Selim, Ettie Campbell

Fourth Row: Grace Saathoff, Inez Howard, Ulah Johnson, Mable Selim, Anna Saathoff, Mildred McAdoo, Mrs. Woods, Mable Brown. Lady in black hat on far right is Mrs. Marilla Irwin

Back Row: Included in this row are Earnest Bollinger, Barden Bailey, Frank Bailey. The top of Robert Irwin's head is at upper right.

Here's another church scan from about 1912. Lindell's files identify the children:

Back row: Eunice Campbell, Pauline McDonald, Neil McDonald, Irene Campbell, Helen Morton, Gretna Butler, Mary Edwards.

Front row: Ellen Brown, Herbert Folks, Hugh Folks, Lucille Irwin, Roger Irwin, Aline Butler, Owen Brown.

If you can identify more of them, please email me.

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