The Garrard County Connection:

Burials in Moore Cemetery, Nevada, Missouri

Here are photos and information about the great number of Garrard County, Kentucky folks who came to Vernon County as adults and who are all buried in the southwest corner of Moore Cemetery, Nevada, MO

right: Ara B. Baugh Kennedy


left: Ben Baugh, 2nd wife Florence Wylie is buried in Kentucky.



right: William and Florence Roberts Baugh




Note: John, Ben, William Baugh and Ara B. Kennedy were all siblings.


left: John Baugh and wife Lizzie Wylie


right: Thomas Rodgers and wife, Amanda Wylie


Note: The wives of John Baugh, Ben Baugh and Thomas Rodgers, were all Wylie sisters (Elizzie, Amanda and Florence).

Left: James Bales and wife, Elizabeth Rogers



Right: John Bales and wife, Emily Rogers




Space reserved for Joseph and Martha Bales Rogers. Somehow I missed it.



Right: Joseph Rogers and wife Martha Bales.

This was a triple marriage: James, John and Martha Bales were siblings as were Elizabeth, Emma and Joseph Rogers. Thomas Rodgers was also their sibling. He just chose to spell Rodgers with a "d" 

If I've missed any others, please let me know.


There were two other Baugh burials in Moore Cemetery. Refer to the Baugh page for more information.

above, new stone; left, Maria; right, Benjamin.

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