Early Bronaugh Residents

The Moore and Massey Families

Charles W. Ray, Jr. has shared information about his Moore and Massey families who lived in Bronaugh for a number of years. Charles tells that Andrew Walker Moore was born October 9, 1865 in Pierce City, MO. He died March 24, 1945 in Nevada, MO. He married Charlottie Jane Massey on December 23, 1905 in Fort Scott, Kansas. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Massey. Andrew and Charlottie were the parents of eight children, Elmer, Ora, Ina, Martha, Ray, Ona, Bertha and Carl. They were members of the Bronaugh Christian Church. The Massey's lived near Eve.

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left back: Frona Dollison and Charlottie Massey.

left front: Charley Massey and Ephraim Massey.

These are four of the children of Jeremiah and Martha Ann (Self) Massey who had come to Vernon County from Fountain County, Indiana.


right: Charlottie Massey Moore, age 17, 1905.

left: "Grandpa and Grandma" Massey with Frona Dollison and Lota. Eve, MO.

Grandpa would be Jeremiah Massey, March 28, 1841 - July 20, 1920. He was a Civil War Veteran having served in the Illinois Infantry.

Grandma would be Martha Ann Self, Massey, 1847 - 1924.

They are buried at Deerfield Cemetery, a few miles west of Eve.

right: Andrew Moore, 1905

The Methodist Church in Eve, MO where the Massey family attended.

right: Ephraim Massey and daughter.

Don Wells wrote that Ephraim Massey married Adelia F. (Fannie) Kerfoot (daughter of William and Eliza Kerfoot of Gentry County, MO). They lived in Cass County, Missouri in 1900 with their one month old daughter, Ada Massey. However, they were divorced by 1910 when Fannie was living in Atchison County, Kansas with daughters, Ada, age 8 and Nellie, age 2.

left: Charlottie Massey Moore and first child, Elmer, born 1910.


right: Ephraim Massey. Photo taken in Casper, Wyoming.

The 1920 and 1940 censuses show him living in Denver, Colorado. He died January 14, 1954 at Nevada City Hospital in Vernon Co, Missouri. The informant on his death certificate was his nephew, Elmer Moore. He was listed as retired railroad worker. He was buried near his parents in Deerfield Cemetery, west of Nevada. Beside him is Harvey J. Massey (October 12, 1892 - September 3, 1893). This infant was listed as the son of E. and J. Massey. Perhaps this indicates that Ephraim had had an earlier marriage. There is an illegible Massey stone beside the infant.

left: Ina, Ora and Elmer Moore.

Bronaugh's Railroad Hero

right: Ora Earl "Bush" Moore. The story behind the suit is that he found a broken rail on the tracks at Bronaugh on his way to meet his dad who was section foreman for the railroad. Bush told his dad who went up the track and flagged down a freight train, preventing a catastrophic wreck. Bush was rewarded with this suit and $20 plus a photo and story in a magazine.

left: Bertha Moore, daughter of Andrew and Lottie. August 22, 1922 - May 17, 1924. Buried at Worsley Cemetery.

right: Bertha's obituary from the Bronaugh Journal.

left: Elmer Moore's old garage in Bronaugh. Photo taken in 1990.

right: Andrew and Lottie Moore with their youngest son, Carl.

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