Early Bronaugh Residents

The Mell Family

Lafayette Mell and family came to southwest Vernon county in 1890.

The obituary for Lafayette Mell was in the October 30, 1918 Bronaugh Journal.

It shows he was born September 3, 1861 in Kentucky and died October 25, 1918. He had come to Vernon County in 1890. He had married Lucy Jane CHARLTON (mis-spelled in the obituary) on Dec. 28, 1892 in Vernon county, Missouri. They had five children; Susan Mell, Mary Mell, Roy Mell, Laura Mell, Lewis Mell, and Julia Mell.

Lafayette's death certificate tells that he died of Paralysis agitans. Wikipedia says that this is what they called Parkinson's Disease. His obituary tells that he had beena sufferer for 10 years and six of that had been as an invalid.

Burial was in McKill Cemetery in Harrison Township.


Lafayette Mell's sister, Mary Jane Mell Higgins died in April 1897 at her home at Bronaugh, Missouri. She was buried at Worsley Cemetery. Her parents are listed as John and Catherine Wikoff Mell. Wikoff spelling is inconsistent in local records, so I just listed it like I found it.

Later that year Lafayette and Mary Jane's mother, Catherine Wikoff Mell died on Christmas day. She was living at Bronaugh, MO at the time of her death with Lafayette. Her body was sent back to Illinois for burial. The day after Catherine died, Lafayette and his wife had a daughter, Lula Catherine Mell.

Baby Lula died in July 1899 and was buried at McKill Cemetery, west of Bronaugh, MO. This is where Lafayette is also buried.

Mell graves from McKill Cemetery


Roy Mell 1900 -1985

Maude Mell 1901 - 1970


Leroy Mell 1925 - 1944 (WWII)

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