Lebanon, Nebraska School Children

1907 or 1908

Betty McCashland Orvis of Lebanon wrote that she has an identical photo to this one and hers has identities on the back. The table below lists the names as identified on her photo. Betty had difficulty reading a couple of the names, so if there are any spelling errors, let us know:

Back Row
2nd Row from Back
2nd Row from Front
Front Row

1. Blanche Cumming

2. Katie Miles

3. Blanche Mort

4. Nellie Brook

5. Geraldine Daffer

6. Nellie Orr

7. Muriel Helt

8. Erla Burgess

9. Ebba Carlson

10. Anna Willers

11. Neva Cumming

12. Pauline Brenhardt

13. Nellie Halsey

14. Hildred Hoobler

15. Gertrude McCashland

16. Leda Mort

17. John Brenhardt

18. Howard Campbell

19. Ben Mallery

20. Alex Brandon

21. Carl Waterman

22. Myron Cummings

23. Byron Mc?

24. Leon McCarty

25. Gail Overstake

26. Glen Short

27. Harry Redfeldt

28. Ralph Helt

29. Dean Overstake

30. Clifford Cambell

31. Ivan Devoe

32. Gordon Orr

Betty also sent these comments. Muriel Helt married Earl Morris. Directly in front of her with the dark hair is Gertrude McCashland. She married Harry Larson and had a daughter Rose. Carl Waterman was Lebanon's postmaster. Glen Short married Ellen Orvis. Ralph Helt, a brother of Muriel, married Fern Larson.

Boni Lages identifies her Aunt, Gertrude Tigard, as the first girl in high neck white dress on 2nd row from the right. This doesn't agree with what is written on Betty's photo, so we will have to resolve this.

D. Beatty wrote that # 27 is Ralph Helt not #28, so the number may be off by one in some places. I'm pretty certain that row two is correct because my grandmother is identified correctly.

The Teacher, Myrtle Chevill

The postcard below is not dated, but I believe that the teacher, Myrtle Chevill is the teacher in the photograph above. I am told that the names on this card do not match the children in the photo above. This must have been a different year.


If you can identify anyone else, I will be glad to post it here.

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