Isaac Harrell of Fayette County, Indiana

Isaac Harrell was the son of Chester Harrell and his first wife. Isaac was born in 1781. On August 17, 1803, he was married in Washington County, Kentucky to Delilah Doom. Delilah was a daughter of Jacob and Abigail Clark Doom. She was born about 1786. Isaac died about 1848 in Fayette County, Indiana where his will is recorded. Delilah died in 1869. Both are buried in the Stevens Cemetery near Columbia, Indiana.

Isaac and Delilah were the parents of 7 children:


Martin Harrell

About 1804 - KY

March 28, 1826

Nancy Ewing


Mary "Polly" Harrell

1807 - OH

September 10, 1829

George Klum


Drusilla Harrell

1810 - 0H

October 16, 1828

Richard Winchell


Cassander Harrell

October 7, 1812

January 2, 1867

Andrew Murray

aft 1885

Julia Ann Harrell

Abt 1816 - OH

July 28, 1836

Robert K. Brison


Nancy Harrell




July 10, 1838

Elizabeth Harrell

abt 1832 - IN

August 23, 1848

Alexander W. Beighle

bef. 1880

Note: There is a huge gap between children six and seven. However, Isaac plainly lists the six surviving children in his 1848 will and he states that his daughter Elizabeth was not yet 18 years old. This is consistent with later census records.

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