John N. Irwin & President Theodore Roosevelt in Keokuk

John McDermott shared this photo that includes his great great grandfather John Nichol Irwin and wrote:

Here is a photograph taken on April 29, 1903 during one of President Theodore Roosevelt's three visits to Keokuk, Iowa. From left to right in the carriage: Keokuk Mayor A. J. Dimond (seated on left rear), President Roosevelt (leaning forward), John Nichol Irwin (sitting diagonally across from the President, facing the camera), and Assistant Secretary to the President Barnes (on front seat, facing away from the camera). President McKinley appointed John Nichol Irwin as US Minister to Portugal in 1899. Roosevelt became VP during the second McKinley term (March 4, 1901), the year after John Nichol Irwin completed his sevice as Minister to Portugal. The VP in 1899, Garret A. Hobart, died in office in 1899. When this photo was taken, John Irwin was back in the private sector, but nevertheless an influential citizen.

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