Samuel Irwin of Billingsville, Indiana

(1814 - 1895)

Samuel S. Irwin was born in November 1843 to James C. and Hannah Young Irwin. Samuel married Mary A. Shanklin, November 15, 1867 in Union County.

Union County, Indiana Marriage Certificate for Samuel Irwin and Mary A. Shanklin

The following photos were shared by Donna Lenox and includes the four children of Samuel and Mary Irwin.

Samuel Irwin

Mary Shanklin Irwin

Mary and Samuel Irwin

Alexander Hammel Irwin

born February 18, 1869


Zelma Irwin and Hattie Kimble

Zelma Rebecca Irwin

born September 10, 1870


Emmett Otis Irwin

May 21, 1875 - January 29, 1901

Mabel Roxie Irwin

born July 13, 1879

Mabel Roxie Irwin

married Robert Van Loon

Obituary for Emmett Irwin

Liberty, Indiana Obituary for Samuel Irwin

Obituary for Samuel Irwin from Tennessee

Funeral Services for Samuel Irwin in Liberty, Indiana

Lucille Irwin Baker

Daughter of Zelma Irwin Baker

left: Mabel, Alexander and Samuel Irwin

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