Early Bronaugh Residents

Hartzfeld Family

This family was in Bronaugh very early and were featured in the 1887 History of Vernon County. We hope to learn more about them.

From History of Vernon County, Missouri. 1887, p. 777.


(Farmer and Stock-raiser, Section 15, Post-office, Bronaugh).

As is implied by the name the subject of this sketch is of German ex traction and also of German nativity, his birth having occurred in Das Vaterland on the 27th of May, 1841. His career since his location in this country has but again borne out the fact which must be apparent to all— that wherever a person of German extraction settles his characteristic thrift, industry and perseverance soon show themselves in the substantial competence which comes to him. Mr. Hartzfeld came to the United States in 1856, settling first in Pennsylvania, where he lived until coming to this county some 15 years later. Brought up to an agricultural experience, he has continued to follow that occupation, gaining for himself a substantial and comfortable property; his landed estate embraces 340 acres, devoted to the raising of grain and stock, and in the management of this place he endeavors to secure the best results for the labor expended— an undertaking. in which he is by no means unsuccessful. The improvements upon his farm are worthy of more than passing notice. In 1865 Mr. Hartzfeld was married to Miss Catherine Zilliox, daughter of Henry Zilliox, of Pennsylvania, and eight children have blessed their union: William F., Louis T., George A., Flora M., Charles M., Frank W., John H. and James H. He has held several official positions of trust while in this county, among others the offices of justice of the peace, constable, school director, etc., discharging his duties acceptably. It should have been mentioned before that Mr. Hartzfeld’s parents, Christian and Salome (Zumstein) Hartzfeld, were also natives of Germany, but the father emigrated to this country in 1854, his wife and family of five children following him two years later. They all settled in Pennsylvania, where the father died in 1864 and his widow in 1866. Godfrey was the fourth of their five children.

Family of Godfrey and Catherine Zilliox Hartzfeld
Top Row, left to right: Charles Monroe, George A., Lewis Theodore and Flora M.
Bottom Row: William Ferdinand., Godfrey, James Harrison, Catherine (wife), Frank W. John Henry.

Early Bronaugh residents such as Godfrey had more adventures than one might expect. For example, here is an article from the June 12, 1885 Nevada Daily Mail:

Thanks Kathy Titus Snyder for sharing the above photo with identifications and also the ones below.

Sons of Godfrey and Catherine Zilliox Hartzfeld

Bottom Row, William Ferdinand H., Godfrey H., Catherine Zilliox H. and Lewis Theodore H.
Top Row: James Harrison H., John Henry H. , Frank Walter H. and Charles Monroe H.


Death Certificate Information: Godfrey Hartzfeld died May 30, 1926. He had been born May 27, 1841 in Gersbach, Germany. His father had been Christian Hartzfeld and his mother's name was Salome. Godfrey had died in Harrison Township, MO with an Arcadia, KS mailing address. The attending physician was F. C. Albright of Garland, KS. He was buried at McKill Cemetery and the undertaker in charge was W. D. Konantz of Arcadia. he was a widower at the time of his death. # 18604.


Right - Grave Marker at McKill Cemetery

Death Certificate Information: Charlie Monroe Hartzfeld died February 4, 1926 in Harrison Township after a horse had kicked him in the lower abdomen 3 days earlier. He had been born February 11, 1879 to Godfrey Hartzfeld and Catherine Zilliox. The attending physician was W. C. Carter of Moundville and services were under Konantz Undertaking of Arcadia, KS. The informant was his wife, Mrs. Edith (Quigley) Hartzfeld. #6955

Death Certificate Information: Virgil R. Hartzfeld died December 27, 1929 in Harrison Township. He was only eighteen years old and the cause of death was an accidental gunshot wound. His parents were Charles Hartzfeld and Edith Quigley Hartzfeld. Charles had been born near Bronaugh, MO and Edith had been born in Indiana. The attending physician was J. D. Pettet of Arcadia and W. D. Konantz of Arcadia was the undertaker. Burial was in Worsley Cemetery. #43236

Left: Daughters of William Ferdinand Hartzfeld: Mable Frances Hartzfeld Woody (April 16, 1894 - March 23, 1979), Hazel (Gladys) Hartzfeld Pryor (Sept. 30, 1897 - May 31, 1979) and Freeda Odessa Hartzfeld (November 27, 1899 - ?)

Right: Mable Frances Hartzfeld Woody (April 16, 1894 - March 23, 1979) and husband Leslie Everett Woody (December 28, 1890 - April 30, 1955). Kathy writes that that they were married in Garland, KS on December 8, 1915

This grave marker is from Worsley Cemetery for Lewis T. Hartzfeld and his wife Jennie Waite Hartzfeld. To see a close up of Jennie's photo, go to the Waite page.

The grave marker at McKill Cemetery for Flora May Hartzfeld Borland includes a photo of her. It tells that she was the wife of Rev. S. O. Borland. Her dates are 1874 - 1909.

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