Early Bronaugh Residents

The Hartman Family

The Christian Hartman family came to Bronaugh before there even was a Bronaugh.

spot reserved for Christian Hartman grave scan

The 1880 Moundville Township Census shows the Hartman's living as an extended family. Family members included:

  • Christian Hartman, age 74, born Pennsylvania
  • Caroline Hartman, age 68, born Virginia
  • Wilson M. Hartman, son, age 40, born in Virginia
  • William Hartman, son, age 31 (wrong), born Virginia
  • Josephine Hartman, daughter, age 37, born Virginia
  • Mary Hartman, daughter in law, age 25, born Virginia (probably Wilson's wife)
  • Lulah Hartman, daughter in law, age 22, born Virginia (probably William's wife)
  • Edna Hartman, granddaughter, age 2, born Missouri
  • Boyd Hartman, grandson, age 6 months, born Missouri

Old Moundville Cemetery, lists a grave for Rev. C. Hartman, Sept. 2, 1804 - Feb 4, 1882. This would appear to be the grave for Christian Hartman. One wonders if Caroline is buried there also.

"Aunt Jane Hartman"

from a Bronaugh Methodist Church group photo.

Wellington Hartman, son of Boyd and Lola Hartman. (1905 - 1912) Worsley Cemetery.


Mary Shaull Hartman, wife of Wilson M. Hartman, who died December 28, 1886, at the age of only 31, leaving him with five small children (see obituary below on this page).

The 1900 Moundville Township listed the Hartman Brothers and their families

  • Wilson Hartman, born March 1839, widower. Occupation - Magnetic Healer
  • Edna Hartman, daughter, born September 1877 - at school
  • Boyd J. Hartman, son, born November 1879 - at school
  • Frank B. Hartman, son, born July 1882 - at school
  • Charles Hartman, son, born December 1886 - at school



  • William Hartman, born October 1843, farmer
  • Lulu Hartman, wife, born March 1859
  • Willie Hartman, daughter, born February 1881
  • Nola Hartman, daughter, born September 1883
  • Vinton K. Hartman, son, born March 1886 - at school
  • Delta Hartman, son, born February 1891 - at school

In Worsley Cemetery. Wellington is buried near his grandfather, Wilson M. Hartman whose dates are 1839-1916. He is beside his brother, young B. F. Hartman.

From the Bronaugh Journal, August 24, 1918.

B. F. Hartman, 1912 -1918, Worsley Cemetery

For those of you who use GPS, the coordinates for the Hartman graves are:

N 37° 40.787 W 094° 29.596

These Hartman's are also buried at Worsley:

  • Wilson M. Hartman, 1839-1916.
  • Josephine, 1834 - 1925 (Wilson's sister)
  • Lola, 1880 - 1928 (Boyd's wife)
  • B. F., 1912 - 1918 (Boyd and Lola's son)
  • Edna 1877 - 1938 (Wilson's daughter)
  • Charlie M. 1886 - 1955 (Wilson's son)
  • Ida J. 1891 - 1979 (Charlie's wife)



The Hartman's appeared near what became Bronaugh as early as 1879 when they are listed in the Mound Chapel Methodist records. By 1898, Wilson Hartman listed as the parent of three sons, Boyd, age 17, Floyd, age 15 and Charlie, age 11 in the records of Prairie Flower School. Prairie Flower was about 2 miles east of Mounds Chapel. Also listed in that school was William Hartman, parent of son, Vinton, and the three girls (Willie, Nola and Delta).



Charlie and Ida Hartman, Worsley Cemetery


After wife Lola's death, Boyd Hartman moved to Oregon where he lived the rest of his life. The above is part of his grave marker in Eugene, Oregon


Lola Hartman (wife of Boyd), 1880 - 1928, Worsley Cemetery

Wilson Hartman, 1839 - 1916, Worsley Cemetery

Josephine Hartman, 1834 - 1925, Worsley Cemetery

Edna Hartman, 1877 - 1938, Worsley Cemetery

Left: AnnaBoyd Hartman was the daughter of Boyd and Lola Hartman (1903 - 1989). She was born and grew up at Bronaugh. She moved to Oregon and is buried at Rest Haven Cemetary in Eugene.

Right: Carter Hartman was a son of Boyd and Lola Hartman (1916-1985). He also grew up at Bronaugh but moved to Oregon with his brothers after his mother died in 1928.

Elizabeth Hartman, Welborn Cemetery

Left: A few miles north of Bronaugh in Welborn Cemetery is Elizabeth Hartman, June 5, 1845 - August 4, 1894. The top of her stone says says "sister" and the stone tells that she is the Wife of Wm. (William) Hartman. She must be a second wife of William Hartman (whose wife in the 1880's was Lulah or Lulu).

 For those of you who use GPS, the coordinates for the Elizabeth Hartman grave are:

N 37° 46.953 W 094° 28.613


Right: This is Vinton and Alma (Starr) Hartman and son Clark Hartman. Photo has been damaged so this scan is improved from the original and is as good as we can do. The Hartmans eventually moved to Lyons, Kansas. They later had twin daughters, Lu and Lennie.

According to the 1900 census, Vinton was born in March 1886 in Missouri to William and Lulu Hartman.

Photo from the Haverstic collection. Thanks to Lindell for sharing it.

Thanks to Susan Doores for sharing a copy from her family collection of the above family - Vinton and Alma (Starr) Hartman and son Clark Hartman

The old obituary to the right is for Mary Shaull Hartman, wife of Wilson M. Hartman, who died December 28, 1886. Note that the obituary tells that she is buried at Moundville. This obituary demonstrates another relationship between the Shaull and Hartman families.

Thanks to JaWan and Nancy Thompson for sharing this obituary. The source of it is not known - but probably a Nevada newspaper.

The Hartman graves in Worsley Cemetery are all in the Shaull family plot. This scan shows Wellington Hartman's grave between those of George and Bettie Shaull and his brother B. F.

So why are Hartman's are in the Shaull plot?

Bettie F. Shaull was a daughter of Christian and Caroline Boyd Hartman. Also, the obituary above shows that George Shaull's sister, Mary D. was married to Wilson Hartman.

Richard Hartman tells that his grandfather, John Boyd Hartman, and his father, Clinton Arlington Hartman, his aunt, AnnaBoyd Hartman, and his uncle, Carter Ewing Hartman, were all from Bronaugh. Richard confirms that B.F. died of diphtheria, hs grandfather told him so, and he said that he saved Carter, and Clint, his beloved children, from it by pouring liquor down their throats. When his wife died and he was about fifty, they left for Oregon to be with AnnaBoyd Hartman, who had married, Vincel Davis, a dairy farmer in Eugene. Their first dairy is now the Laurel Wood Golf Course in Eugene. Hartman Lane where John Boyd Hartman lived is now a real live street. John Boyd Hartman was a tremendous broad jumper, too. He told that the New York Athletic Club wrote him and asked him to attend the Olympics in 1912. (J.B. once told that he held the world record in the Standing Broad Jump with five pound weights and without.) He was a state legislator. Carter, and Clint, his children, and John Boyd were fantastic singers. AnnaBoyd lived alone on the dairy for a many years and then married Dick Reed, who was in Real Estate, who, in his youth was an All American football player for the University of Oregon, and played football for the Chicago Bears, George Hallas, etc. One of his boys played football at the U. of Oregon,too. Dick used to sing with the Hartman brothers,

The athletic days would have been before or around 1912, the year that J.B. got the letter from the New York Athletic Club or there abouts.. He told about playing baseball, and Clinton, his son, played on one of the Northwest's best softball team, Rubenstein's Softball Team. They won the Northwest title for a number of years in the early 50s.

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