Bronaugh Modern Woodmen of America

Bronaugh had several Fraternal Groups over the years. One of the earliest was the Modern Woodmen of America.

Jack and Mary Helen Allen shared this medal/ribbon from the Bronaugh Modern Woodmen Camp. The ribbon is reversible with the green side worn for meetings and official events. The ribbon was turned to the black side to be worn for a funeral.

This ribbon was worn by Jack's great grandfather William Henry Gibbs who lived southwest of Bronaugh from 1885 to 1901.

If anyone else has any MWA items from Bronaugh, we'd be glad to display them here.

Susan Doores has shared this great photo of the early Modern Woodmen of Bronaugh. I put a copy of it on top below and then made two larger copies of just the men so we can hopefully get them identified. I suppose the photo may have been taken on the front porch of the Bronaugh House hotel.

Bronaugh Modern Woodmen of America

Back Row left is William Dorris. Rest are unknown.

Front Row,l-r: unknown, Les Doores, Jard Armstrong, unknown, John James (JJ) Doores

Recognize anyone?

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