The Feller Family of Bronaugh Missouri

Miss Dicy Feller of Bronaugh wrote the following about her family on November 15, 1916 when she was only 13 years old. This indicates her early interest in family history.

I do not have any idea as to the accuracy of this material. If you have corrections or scans to add to the page, I'd be glad to add it here.

Edward Feller is the son of Christian Feller. Christian Feller lived in Germany. He came across the ocean when he was young so he wouldn't have to be a soldier over there. His sister, Louisa, came with him. After he was here, he got married to Lizzibeth Schenkel. Lizzibeth Schenkle was the daughter of Conrad Schenkel. They came across the ocean and worked and sent money back to the rest. Lizzibeth had three sisters and two brothers. The girls' names were Mary, Carrie and Barbara. The boys' names were John and Pete. Her mother's name was Mary. Carrie married John Ellerman. Mary married John Miller. The boys also got married. May had two children. Their names were John and Annie. Carrie had four children. Their names were Willia, Lou, Lizzie and Minnie. John had five children. Lizzibeth had four boys and two girls. The boy's names were Lou, Pete, John and Edward. The girl's names were Mary and Carrie. The two girls died (not soon). Christian Feller's sister married John Sutter. They lived in Lockport, New York.

My name is Dicy Feller. My mother's name is Lizzibeth. I have four sisters and 5 brothers. Their names are Pearl, Carrie, Merle, Faye and myself. The boys' names are Earl, Glenn, Maurice, Bernard and Ray. I am the youngest. I am 13 years old, in the eighth grade.

Lizzie is my mother. This is about my mother's people.

Lizzie Feller is the wife of Edward Feller. Before she was married, her name was Lizzie Faunce. Her mother's name was Sally (Sarah) Pashal. Sally had ten children, 9 boys and 1 girl: Jim (James) Alford, John, Will, Ruben, Morrison, George and Samford. The girl's name was Sarah. Sally's husband's name was Dennis Larkin. Sarah Larkin married Noah Faunce. They had seven children, 4 girls and 3 boys. The girls' names were Lydia, Julia, Aldiena and Lizzie. They boy's names were Hamilton, Corton, and Clement. Lydia married Zackery Plummer. Julia married Dan Duffield. Aldiena married Ike Plummer. Lizzie married Edward Feller. All the boys got married except Corton, he died when he was 17 years old.

Noah Faunce was the husband of Sarah Larkin. He lived in New York City with his father and mother and two boys and two girls.

Dicy Feller


The obituary (at right) for Edward Feller appeared in the July 1, 1936, Bronaugh Journal. It lists his wife, Elizabeth, and ten surviving children, five daughters and five sons:

  • Mrs. Pearl Thompson
  • Mrs. Forest Holland
  • Mrs Robert Shearburn
  • Mrs. Faye Baer
  • Miss Dicy Feller
  • Earl Feller
  • Glenn Feller
  • Maurice Feller
  • Burnard Feller
  • Ray Feller

From the Dicy Feller Noel estate. Thanks to Radean Shaw for sharing it.

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