Early Bronaugh Residents

The Doores Family - The Unidentified Photos

The Doores family was one of the earliest in Bronaugh. Lindell Haverstic has shared a large collection of miscellaneous photos. Some were identified, many were not. We have scanned the unidentified ones and are posting them here. I'm sure that some of them are Doores, a few might be Dorris and who knows about the others. I'm certain that they all do have a Bronaugh connection however. They are posted here so that visitors to the page can help us identify some of them. Please email if you recognize anyone.

left: unknown (I'm guessing Marie Doores)


right: unknown (resembles Dorris)

left: unknown - Graduate 1932, Nampa Idaho


right: unknown

left: unknown


right: unknown, 1917

left: unknown, Spokane, WA


right: unknown, Joplin

left: unknown (same man?)


right: unknown

left: unknown


right: unknown (photo damaged)

left: unknown


right: unknown (Dodge City)

left: unknown - 1932


right: unknown - 1940's?

left: unknown

right: unknown tin-type (the oldest photo in the collection)



unknown - I've tried to lighten it

unknown - same couple as above. The original shows more house.

lunknown - Could this be Bronaugh? I've not known of a "factory" this large there but there was a large fruit drying facility at one time.



unknown - the original shows more house

David Doores says that the shorter young man in the back is his grandfather, Howard Doores. David tells that Howard Doores had three children and lived in Electra Texas. His children are as follows oldest first: James Doores Amarillo, Tx; Richard Doores Irving, Tx; and Robert Doores, San Antonio, Tx (David's dad).

left: unknown, damaged photo.

Among the photos are some that are identified or at least partially identified. I have placed them here because I don't know where they "fit". Let me know if you can explain who anyone is and where they belong.

Left: Essie

Right: Elmer J. Wyman

Two damaged photos that both say Charles Altizer on the back. I assume this is his daughter.

Left: Harvey Deever

Right:  Melba Jean Young

left: Wanda Mae Brown

right: Wanda Mae and Eleanor Brown

left: Wanda's baby

right: Walter and family

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