Cooper College Catalog

1895 - 96

Here are some descriptive passages copied from the catalog:


The Building is a new and superb two-story brick, situated just west of town in a beautiful, most pleasing, sufficiently retired location. It is commodious, thoroughly ventilated, modern and imposing in appearance. The chapel is large, suitably furnished and elegantly finished,and the recitation rooms are well lighted and pleasant.



First Fall Term of ten weeks begins September 3rd, 1895, and closes November 9th, 1895. No vacation.

Second Fall Term of ten weeks begins November 12th, 1895, and closes January 25th, 1896. Vacation one week holidays.

Winter Term of ten weeks begins January 28th, 1896, and closes April 4th, 1896. No vacation.

Spring Term of ten weeks begins April 7th, 1896, and closes June 13th 1896.



The size of our village is, we believe, a very superior advantage when compared with larger towns, making it much the more desirable location. We have none of the many snares which in larger places abound, such as gaming halls, theaters and saloons to entrap the young and unexperienced or detract from their interest in school work. In larger places, the ceaseless round of society and the numberless places of amusement all tend to call the student's mind from his studies and center his interest on things which do not pertain to his intellectual advancement. While in our quiet village, the business of getting an education is first and more important.



... The school year consists of four terms, of ten weeks each. School is in session from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Students come to the school building to recite only. The studying is done in their own rooms; hence they are not confined in the school the entire day, but during the recitation hours only. Those who live some distance from the college are furnished a study room, which is cared for at our expense.


Thanks to Rita Pisciotta for sharing her old Cooper College Catalog.

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