Cooper College

1908 Students

Here is a postcard photograph made in 1908 of Cooper College students. The card was mailed in November from I. L. Lowe in Moundville to Miss Julia Adams in Pasadena, California.

Most of the students are not identified in this photo. Therefore, I have scanned it at a high resolution and made four enlargements of the students and their professor. These scans are at the bottom of this page. I have tried to sharpen the images also. Only a few are identified, so if you can identify anyone, please let me know.

None of the above are identified.

None of the above are identified

Above: #2 is "Jessie".

#3 is Mr. Lowe's nephew, Lawrence Low.

Above: The older gentleman is I. L. Lowe. He is the one who mailed this card.

Hope you can help identify the rest.

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