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Tallewanda Springs

Lucille Moreland Newton graciously shared all of the scans on this page not long after her 101st birthday in 2003. Lucille lived at Tallewanda Springs as a child since her father, Louis Moreland, managed the springs from about 1890 to 1920. Her mother's name was Grace and she had 2 sisters.

left - Louis Moreland (on the left)the picture where he is standing in a garden with a friend is fromTallewanda.


right - Lucille Moreland Newton

Louis Moreland on right.

Lucille said that the spring was right there where their home was and that the water was claimed to have good qualities to reduce rheumatism.

Louis Moreland - Campbellsburg, KY

Here are the names of the people on the graduation picture:from top left; Ralph Lynch, Samuel Paxton, Virgil Davis, Harold Buck, Elsie Helms Madduck, Clara Bell Shepherd, Catherine Abrams, DuBois, Mildred Pentecost, Glen Brown, Florence Miller, Edna Roll, Harold Miller, Maud Paxton, Lucille Moreland, Evelyn Wilkerson.

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Thanks to Brigitte Terseur for helping to obtain these scans.

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