Early Bronaugh Residents

The Cady and Kuttler Families

The Cady and Kuttler families lived east of Bronaugh before 1900. However, they did not live there long it appears. We first find Johann Frederick Kuttler listed in the 1895 Moore School District (southeast of Moundville) enumeration. Five children ages, 6 - 16 are listed.

Daughter Emilie was married to Isaac Taylor Cady "in the bride's home" at Bronaugh in Moundville Township. The marriage was performed by Baptist Minister Rev. William L. Baskett on December 30, 1897.

Just a few months later, Johann (John) Frederick Kuttler died on 18 Aug 1898. I have found no mention of Mr. Kuttler's death in Bronaugh or any other mentions of the Kuttler's for that matter. He has a "burial rock" in Avola Cemetery east of Bronaugh that only contains his name. The use of a burial rock probably indicates how poor the family may have been. Not long after Mr. Kuttler's death, Mrs. Kuttler and the children travelled back to Illinois by covered wagon. Isaac and Emilie Cady must have left with Mrs. Kuttler since they appear in the 1900 Illinois census as was Mrs. Kuttler and the other children.

Dan Kehoe, who descends from J. F. Kuttler, agrees about the Kuttler's poor financial condition. Dan says that J.F. Kuttler was a "pail turner" in the Quad Cities prior to moving down to Vernon County. Dan's grandmother Mathilda (Kuttler's daughter) told of the wagon trip back to Illinois after Kuttler's death in which she was ashamed at how people along the way treated them, thinking they were gypsies.

Less than two months after J. F. Kuttler's death an article appeared in a newspaper about charges against Isaac Cady. Nancy Thompson found: "The 3 Oct 1898 Nevada Daily Mail has a little article about Dr. C. D. Severe charging Isaac Cady with disturbing his peace by using a gun to drive him from the premises of Mrs. Kiltier [Kuttler] where he went to collect a bill. She is mother-in-law of Mr. Cady." Dr. Columbus D. Severe was a physician in Moundville and later Montevallo and we can perhaps assume that Dr. Severe had treated J. F. Kuttler This incident leading to charges being filed against Isaac Cady makes one wonders if this had anything to do with the quick departure of Mrs. Kuttler and family back to Illinois.

The John and Margret Cady family was listed in Moundville township in the 1900 census with their five children, including one named Rosa.

John Cady


Born Illinois

Margret C Cady


Born Indiana

Simon J Cady


Born Illinois

Phoebe (Feby) J Cady


Born Illinois

Rosa D Cady


Born Missouri

Wessie J Cady


Born Missouri

Phinias A Cady


Born Missouri

In 1902, Rosy Cady was listed among the students attending Prairie Flower School. Rosy was on the honor roll in December. That could mean that other Cady children might have gone to that school - they just didn't get their names in the paper for making the honor roll. Since Rosy attended Prairie Flower, this implies that her family lived just east of Bronaugh. The 1903 plat map for Moundville Township shows John Cady owning 80 acres two miles east of Prairie Flower School on the south side of the road. This property was just west of Drywood Creek.

Note that the older two Cady children were born in Illinois and the latter three in Missouri. This indicates that the John Cady family had left Illinois and were in some part of Missouri by the time Rosa was born in November 1890. John and Margret Cady with their two older children (Simon and Feby) were in the 1880 census in Newcomb Twp, Champaign Co, IL. John Cady had married Margret C. Ray 25 Dec 1873 in Champaign Co, IL. The ages for Margret in both the 1880 and 1900 censuses match for it to be the same person. Can someone explain the 12 year age gap between Phoebe and Rosa?

John Cady was an older brother to Isaac Cady (who married Emilie Kuttler) - with a 15 year gap between them. They were sons of James and Nancy Coffee Cady of Champaign, Illinois according to the 1870 census.

Nancy Thompson found some other Cady marriages in Vernon County:

John and Margret Ray Cady are buried in Hickory County. They died in 1915 and 1913 respectively.

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