Early Bronaugh Residents

The Burton Family

William C. and Elizabeth Stoll Burton were early Bronaugh residents. Their daughter, Nettie was among Bronaugh's popular young ladies of the time.

William C. Burton had arrived in Missouri prior 1880. The 1880 Moundville Township census shows 29 year old William living with his Aunt and Uncle, William C. and Sallie Sheeks. William had been born in Indiana.

W. C. Burton married Lizzie C. Stoll on March 5, 1885. R. H. G. Keeran presided. Lizzie was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Stoll .

The 1900 census showed the family living in Moundville Township:

  • William Burton, born January1852 in Indiana (grave marker says 1851)
  • Lizzie Burton, born December 1865 in Indiana
  • Nettie J. Burton, born February 1886 in Missouri.

During much of the 1900's, W. C. Burton was the Justice of the Peace. He was often referred to as Squire Burton. Their farm was just on the west edge of Bronaugh and he had some strip mines and even a coal shaft at one time.

William C. Burton died May 26, 1909 at the age of 58. He was buried at Worsley Cemetery. Lizzie continued to live in Bronaugh. She married Charles Thompson in 1924.

To the right is the obituary for Lizzie Stoll Burton Thompson from the Bronaugh Journal. She died November 22, 1933.

Grave marker for William and Elizabeth Burton at Worsley Cemetery.
obituary for Lizzie Burton

Below is a sale bill from the Bronaugh Journal of January 17, 1923. Mrs. Burton's farm equipment was being sold and her future husband, Charlie Thompson, was in charge. Notice that it tells that the farm joined Bronaugh on the west. A year later, she and Charles Thompson were married in Los Angeles, California.

This is Nettie Burton. She married Clarence Starr. Nettie and Clarence are buried at Worsley Cemetery. Her dates are 1886 - 1949.

The June 15, 1949 Bronaugh Journal gave the death notice of Nettie. She and Clarence had lived at Arcadia, Nebraska for many years. She died at Ord Hospital in Ord, NE on June 12. Her funeral was at the Bronaugh Methodist Church with burial at Worsley Cemetery. Part of it is shown on the right.

Clarence and Nettie had two daughters, Helen and Lucille.

This photo is from the Haverstic collection. Thanks to Lindell for sharing it.

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