Early Bronaugh Residents

Charles E. Brubaker

Charles E. Brubaker was Bronaugh's first successful banker. His bank was across from the Bronaugh Hotel and in the building that now houses the Bronaugh post office. The Brubakers built Bronaugh's largest and most elaborate home. It was located two blocks south of Main Street and one block west of the Baptist Church. Here is a scan of the Brubaker home and then a closer view of it.

The 1910 Census showed that Charles Brubaker was age 46, born in Ohio. His wife, Rena, was 37 and they had been married 22 years. Their six children were Nola, age 20; Waldon, age 18; Elmer, age 16; Glessner, age 13; Edith, age 10; and Euna, age 9. Note: The census is dim and the names of the younger three daughters are difficult to read. If you know of corrections to the names, let me know. Mrs. Brubaker - Rena (Irene), was the youngest daughter of Mrs. Mary Cohenhour.

The Charles Brubaker home in Bronaugh.

We would love to add a photo of Charles Brubaker and also one of his bank to this web site. If you know of one, please let me know.

Here is a Victorian cut-out image, probably from a calendar that was distributed by the Brubaker Bank. I found this in a Springfield antique store.

The big walk in Bank Vault can still be seen in the Post Office in Bronaugh (since the bank became the post office). Fortunately the vault has never been painted. Thanks to Edith Darlington Weaver for helping me take this image (in September 2013).

Here is a check from the Brubaker bank thanks to Vic Hinds:

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