A Famous Bronaugh Business

Willson and Bryan, Short's Blacksmith Shop/Garage and MarLon

One of Bronaugh's most "famous" buildings is the one that became the MarLon Restaurant. Operated my Mary and Lonnie Feller, this chicken place was known for miles around. Here are some early images of the building that it was in. It was located in the southeast corner of the block of the Bronaugh park.


Here are two photos shared by Joe Yokley. Neither photo is very clear and we have darkened and sharpened as much as we can. The photo to the left is of the inside of Joe's Grandfather's (Leil Short) Blacksmith shop.

This photo with the old car was supposedly a car belonging to the Irwin family.

The snowy photo was shared by Rhonda Hinds Post. It is undated but based on the cars, it may be late 40's - early 50's. It was still being operated as the Short Garage.

Here is a post card that I have had for awhile. I think it is probably made into a post card from a photo. The card is undated but it must be from before the Short Garage was there. I don't think there is an doubt that its the same building due to the angular corner.

I borrowed this image from the 1988 Bronaugh History Book. It shows the same building as "Holland's General Store". The store to the left was the Feller Store to the left says Meat Market and Soft Drinks in the window. Actually, the window may have said Feller Henson. I know that Thomas B. Henson co-owned the Feller Store from around 1918-1920. Henson was married to F. L. Holland's sister.

This image was taken in September 2014 showing the remains of the building. The angular front step is still there.

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