Bronaugh Group Photo

Here is a great scan of Bronaugh folks. Susan Doores shared this photo and was once told that it included a logging crew. This is not confirmed however, and one might wonder why the young lady is in the middle of the photo. Also, there is an interesting combination of work clothes vs being dressed up. Susan has identified two people from her family in the scan but we need to identify the rest.

back row 3rd from left is Joseph Leslie Doores and on the right back is Robert Moses Doores.

Justin Simpson and his dad agree that Justin's great-grandfather is in the back row. Charles Floyd Simpson is the one in the overalls. Charles grew up in Avola. For more on the Simpson's go to the Simpson web page.

Nancy Caton writes that her sister thinks that the young man on the right in the middle row is William S Caton. She also says that front left is William S Caton's best friend, Jesse Ogden.

Shirley Shaw Farran is sure that the man on the second row, far left in the pin-striped jacket is O.E. Feller (Otto Earl). She said that O.E. was president of the school board one year but he looks too young at this point? He never was a logger that she knew of. Thanks to Paula Farran Pruitt for this information.

So it is still unknown what this group might represent. Justin is sure that his ancestor is among the unidentified threshing crew. Some of these men may be in it too.

Judith Simpson contacted her aunt who remembered this photo. She recalled her mother telling her it was a picture of a family and the people who worked for them, Charles Simpson being one. She thought that the people on the left were members of the family. So if the one of the far left is O. E. Feller, then the couple to his right must be the parents of the family in question. We are speculating that this might be an Ogden family with their sons sitting in front and one son standing back left. However, this is only speculation.

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