Bronaugh, Missouri

Farmers Exchange

A group of farmers formed a cooperative in the early 1920's. This eventually because the Farmer's Exchange, sometimes called the Farmer's Union.


Here is one of the earliest Farmers Union ads from the Bronaugh Journal. It is from 1921 and lists the directors:

  • John Ames, Pres.
  • C. A. Thompson, Sec.
  • Albert Saathoff
  • T. E. Harrison
  • D. M Shanholtzer
  • Sid Quigley
  • Alf Worsley.

Managers were A. Renfer and sons.

This is the earliest photo that I have seen of the Farmer's Union. This photo is from the collection of the late Jim Holman.

Jim enlarged the front of the store and was able to identify his dad, Leland Holman, who managed the store at one time. I had hoped to get a closer image of the people but Jim's death in 2008 was unexpected.

It was eventually affilated with MFA - Missouri Farmer's Association. A large building with grain elevator, feed room and warehouse was built on the west end of Main Street near the Railroad Tracks. They had an old building used for poultry buying across the street as well as a small ice house. The main building burned in the late 1950's. A new store was soon built.

Below is an interior photo of the building prior to the fire. Below it is an enlargement part of it. R. D. Townson identifies the people in the photo as Bert and Carrie Wilkinson, his in-laws. Bert managed the store for a number of years.


The old MFA burned one night in December 1959.

By summer 1960, the Bronaugh MFA had its grand opening for a new building.


Photo to the right shows manager Lawrence Barrett (right) and assistant manager Max Hudson (left)

The new feed room.

Loading feed.

Edna Shields Whitworth was a long time employee of the MFA, shown here with Max Hudson. Customers are not identified.

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