Bronaugh Basketball - Setting Records - 1951

During the 1950-51 school year the girl's basketball team set some records that still stand today. Paul Luchter maintains a website called Women's Basketball Pioneers. In that web site, two members of the Bronaugh basketball team, Pauline Laflen and Wanda Overstreet, are listed in the state rankings as being Missouri High School Girls' Basketball Single Game High Scorers, during the 6 on 6 era. The top scorer in Missouri history was from Schell City and occurred in games with Bronaugh.

The clippings to the right are from the February 5 and 7, 1951, Nevada Daily Mail. The County Tourney clipping tells about the championship game of the county tournament . Pauline Laflen was the leading Bronaugh scorer with 64 points. Bronaugh had won by the amazing score of 116 - 101.


Two nights later, the teams met again at the Nevada High School gymnasium in a March of Dimes benefit game. This is the game where Wanda Overstreet scored 52 points and Pauline Laflen scored 46 points. This is also the game where the state record was set for most points by one player when Ruth Harms of Schell City scored 85 points. Bronaugh still won the game 110 - 107.

This photo shows the Bronaugh Girl's Team receiving the championship trophy of the 1951 county tournament. County Superintendent Herb Cooper presented the first place trophy to Captain Wanda Overstreet.

Members of the team were:

Front row, left to right, Pauline Laflen, Shirley Wade, Allene Gulliford, J. Holland, G. Payne and Gayle Shearburn.

Back row, left to right, Marlene Daugherty, Thelma Hartzfeld, Betty Earl, Dona Senkevich, Beverly Holland and Wanda Overstreet.

The scan to the right shows the team's season record.

The 1951 Championship team.

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