Bronaugh, Missouri School

Here is a photo that shows 1947 Bronaugh School children. The scan is large and may take awhile to load.


Back Row: 1 Ralph Cullison, 2 Arlen Bright, 3 Kenneth Hartzfeld, 4 Kay Jenkins. 5 Earl Weis, 6 John Elmer Phipps, 7 Teacher Frances Stephens Jenkins, 8 Howard Short, 9 Billy Knowles, 10 Jackie Shields, 11 Billy Charles Hawkins, 12 Charles Adams, 13 Willie Rackley.

Middle Row: 1 Jerry Ricketts, 2 Tommy Mooneyhan, 3 Billy Owens, 4 Jimmy Klontz, 5 William Whitaker, 6 Ronnie Jones, 7 Albert Saathoff, 8 Frankie Saathoff, 9 Phyllis Holland, 10 Carol Weis, 11 Ronnie Thompson, 12 Ralph Wooldridge.

Front row: 1 Karin Shearburn, 2 Gracelynn Holland, 3 Margaret Whitaker, 4 James Rackley, 5 Irma Short, 6 Allen (Red) Jenkins, 7 Curtis Cavanaugh, 8 Linden Post, 9 Marvin Funk, 10 Esther Wooldridge, 11 Patricia Cavanaugh, 12 Peggy Irwin, 13 Jerry Banes, 14 Bob Laflen

Thanks to Betty Post Garton for the identifications. She was assisted by Bob Garton and Karin and Preston Haverstic.

John E. Phipps wrote his recollections of the above photo and school at Bronaugh in the 1940's;

I entered the 1st grade at Bronaugh in the fall of 1943. In those days the school was in one building. The lowest floor was the gym. The next level up was the grade school, 1 through 8 and the top level was the 4 year high school.

The grade school consisted of 4 rooms with 2 grades in each. In the fall of 1945 in entered the 3rd grade which was with the 4th grade in the Southeast corner of the grade school floor. My teacher was Evelyn Saathoff. I recall that one day a young man came to the class and she introduced him as her future husband, Donald Irwin. He had just returned from the military at the end of WW2.

In the fall of 1947 I entered the 5th grade and that year they also decided that the school did not need 4 grade school rooms. They changed it to 3 rooms as follows: 1st & 2nd in the Southwest corner; 3rd, 4th & 5th in the Northeast corner and 6th, 7th & 8th in the Northwest corner. Frances Stevens was the teacher of my 5th grade class which included Ralph Cullison, Arlen Bright, Earl Weis, Billy Hawkins, Peggy Irwin, etc. The 4th grade included Kenny Hartzfeld, Kay Jenkins Ronny Thompson, Bob Garton, Carol Weis, etc. The 3rd grade had Jerry Rickets, Allen Jenkins, Linden Post, etc. Since these students and classes are included in the picture, I believe it was taken in either the fall of 47 or the spring of 48.

The three room situation continued for only 2 years (at least while I was in school). In the fall of 48 I entered the 6th grade which was with the 7th & 8th grades. The teacher was Adeline Klewein. That was the last year of the three room system. When I entered the 7th grade, the 6th had gone back to be with the 5th and I ended up in the same desk for two years.

My class of 19 students graduated in 1955 and that summer they removed the 3rd floor from the building.

My mother, Hazel Phipps, my Aunt, Neva Post, Norman Jones and Donald Irwin formed a quartet and sang together for several years at Church and other events in the area.

Gracelyn Holland Hinds wrote:

The class of 1956 was the last to graduate from the old school building - Phyllis Holland, Carol Weis, Bob Laflen, etc. My class of 1957 was the first class to graduate from the new gym. I thought it was strange that they let us do that, as we did not attend any classes in the new building. The night we graduated, it rained so hard, I thought we would all wash away.

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