Bronaugh High School


The photos on this page are from second Bronaugh yearbook published in 1940.

Bronaugh School.

The Home Ec building was a house just southwest of the school (later the Norman Jones home)

Back row left to right - Norma Whiteside, Shirley Davis, Coach Linn, Irene Ricketts, Billie Jo Sherrell

Front row, left to right - LaDene Robinson, Betty Jean Sherrell, Iloe Crist, Irene Irwin, Lois Davis, Louise Campbell

Back row left to right - Byron Wolfe; Paul Linn,coach; Eldon Thomas; Don Smith; Neil Brubaker; Carl Spellman; Donald Irwin

Front row: left to right: - J.D. Young, Harold Smith, Albert Ricketts, Leonald Feller

Boys Glee Club

Back Row - Junior Taylor, Randolph McKinney, Donald Irwin, Joe Bob Heitz, Gene Campbell, Lonnie Brock, Frank Adams, Edward Fengler

Middle Row - Elmer Post, Harold Smith, Bob Whiteside, Eldon Thomas, Marvin McDonachie, Willard Holman, Roy Brown, Neil Brubaker, Sanford Bales

Back Row - Irene Irwin, Raymond Hartzfeld, Carl Darlington, Billy Cliffman, Raymond Townson, Max Butterfield, Carl Spellman, Miss Russell

Girl's Glee Club

Back Row - Geraldine Noel, Doris Brock, Dorothy Jean Darlington, Elva Ricketts, Mary Ruth Shields, Betty Armsworthy, Shirley Davis, Thelma Fengler

Second Row - Ella Mae Bourquin, Hazel Reynolds, Thelma Campbell, LaDene Robertson, Bette Sherrell, Irene Irwin, Hazel Shaw, Iona Taylor, Dorothy Thompson

Third Row - Garnet Gillespie, Norma Dodge, Ruth Butterfield, Fern Hornecker, Margaret Doolin, Doris Taylor, Vivian Shaw, Dorothy Mullani, Martha Cliffman

Front Row - Billie Jo Sherrell, Irene Ricketts, Iloe Crist, Leahnell Houser, Miss Russell, Alphena Houser, Louise Campbell, Lois Davis, Norma Whiteside.

Debate Team

Negative team - Sherrell, Ricketts

Miss Neill

Affirmative team - McConachie, Robertson

Yearbook Staff

Back Row - Kenneth Bourquin, Art Editor; Byron Wolfe, Athletics Editor; Raymond Townson, Business Manager.

Front Row - Bette Sherrell, Social Editor; Irene Irwin, Editor in Chief; Mr. Linn, Advisor; Yvonne Shrimplin, Pictures; Louise Campbell, Production.

The taller man is bus driver, Boyd Shaw.

Paula Farran Pruitt says she has seen a copy of this photo dated 1938 and it says the man in the picture with him is Superintendent R.F. Harmon. She remembered someone commenting on the fact that her Granddad Boyd looked dressier than the Superintendent.

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