Bronaugh School Scenes

Late 1920's - 1930

Here are three photos shared by Charles W. Ray Jr. and Manford Sheridan and his sister, Deloris Sheridan Heitz. Marjorie Noel Range and Violet Adams Campbell have helped with many identifications.

This 1927 photograph was taken of third and fourth grade classes at Bronaugh. Bronaugh students pictured are, front row from left: Euleta Wilson, Blanche Stark, Violet Adams, Ona Moore, Deloris Sheridan, Dixie Lee Linn, Marjorie Manley, Marie Ella Townson, Dean Garton and Leonard Manley. Back row Miss Lee Earl Thompson, Norval Campbell, Max Smith, Harold White, Mildred Smithly, Claudia Roberts, Marjorie Noel, Louise Musgrave and Jeanetta Nuckolls. On the 1936 web page, you can find photos of some of these students when they graduated from high school.

Identifications from Bushwhacker Weekly Magazine, Vol.2--No. 13, Wed, May 13, 1981, Nevada, Missouri 64772 - REMEMBER WHEN.... The picture was brought to The Bushwhacker by Mrs. Clarence (Euleta Wilson) Foreman, Rt. 1, Horton. Corrections by Deloris Sheridan.

Louise Musgrave, Jeanetta Nuckolls, Marjorie Noel, Goldie Justus, Claudia Roberts, Violet Adams, Blanche Stark, Deloris Sheridan, Dixie Lee Linn and Euleta Wilson. The boy in the tree is John Nickolls. (Thanks to Marjorie and Violet for the identifications)

The girl on the very far left is Violet Adams and you can't see her partner, Joel Young. The tall couple on the left is Jeanetta Nuckolls and John Nuckolls. The center right front couple is Marjorie Noel and Norval Campbell (in white shirt). This is also a pretty good view of the school when it was 3 stories. (Thanks to Marjorie and Violet for the identifications)

Dauphine Worsley Linn has identified many in this photo:

  • Back Row: Wade Musgrave, Earl Campbell, unknown, Edna Shields
  • Middle Row: Teacher Alta Dean Wade, Mary Musgrave, unknown, Carter Hartman, ?? Adams, Raymond Linn, unknown, Mahlon Pryor, Ray Moore, unknown
  • Front Row: Charley Linn, Ralph Shields, Waldean Feller, 4 unknown girls, Dauphine Worsley, Margaret Reeves
  • Front Row: Betty Post Garton believes that front row left is her mother, Neva Ames. (Although the photo had her identified as a Martha Moore). Beside her is Dean Thomas. Fourth from left appears to be Wendell Garton.
  • The teacher (2nd row left) is Dicy Feller. Boy in overalls in the middle row appears to be Martion Irwin.
  • Paula Pruitt says back row, second from the left is WYNONA FELLER (SHAW). Beside Wynona appears to be Odie Justis.
  • Devin Haynes identifies the young man on the far right of the top row as Merle Shearburn.
  • Thanks to Nancy Thompson for sharing this photo of 1930 Bronaugh High School students. Identifications are below and were done by Virgie Selim Thompson:

Back row: Marion Irwin, Merle Shearburn, Ivan Crabtree, Roger Irwin, Bush Moore, Maurice Young, Paul Linn, Joe Doores, Maurice White, Lewis Adams, Howard Couch, Herbert Irwin
3rd row: Irish Trout, Frank Popewell, Don Thompson, Flo Baker, John Worsley, ??, Kathleen Longacre, ??, ??, Ola Emery, ??, Fern Young, Hazel Ames, Alene Wade, Teachers Vorhees and Crenshaw
2nd row: Mary Adams, Waunita Hartzfeld, Naida Doores, Gwendolyn Ellis, Clarence Lewis, ??, Hester Holman, Veva Adams, Odie Justis, Ruth Emery, Zoe Baker
Front row: Ruth Worsley, Neva Ames, Alice Letterman, Thelma Couch, ??, Dale Crabtree, Wendell Garton, Jiggs Lewis, Joy Funk, Rex Stout, Dean Thomas, Darrel Thompson

If you can identify anyone else, let us know.

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