Bronaugh, Missouri School - 1923

 Thanks to Lisa Worley and Jack and Mary Helen Allen for sharing this photo. I have guessed that this photo is about 1923 in comparison to the 1921 photo on another web page.

Lisa's grandfather, Merle Wade, is second from the right against the wall......the boy to his left is Vernon Holland.......the teacher is Adaline Klewine.

Dr. Julie Combs identifies her uncle, Lynn Jay Combs is the second seated boy (with the leather case) and her dad, Joe Combs, as the eighth one standing counting from the right and not counting the teacher. She agrees that the photo is from 1923.

Lindell Haverstic notes that is grandfather, Mel Shearburn, is standing behind Miss Klewine. He recalled being told that the group of boys constructed the furniture, either as a school project, Boy Scouts or something similar. Lindell says that he has often wondered whether one of his Grandma's little stands was in that collection of furniture. He says that his grandmother (Mrs. Mel Shearburn) had a copy of that photo.

They are sitting on the curb beside the brick building that is across Main Street south of the hotel where the park is now. You can see the hotel in the background.

John Phipps wrote about the brick building, "This building was at various times in the past a theatre, a Ford dealership and later Ames Supply Company. This building also appears in several other photos of Main Street (now called 4th street). In 1934 my Grandfather, John Ames and his Brother L. P. Ames opened a farm machinery, hay, grain & seed business in this building. It was known as Ames Brothers Supply Company. About one year later L. P. left the business and John Ames' two sons-in-law joined the business and the name was changed to Ames Supply Company. They were Elmer Phipps & John Post. A year or two later John Post left the business. The building was used by Ames Supply Company until 1968 when it was sold to Carl Ricketts. Today it appears to be vacant."

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