Bronaugh, Missouri School Photos

Here are students at Bronaugh School. They are undated but must be pre-1922 which is when the new brick school building was built. Thanks to Charles Ray Jr. for sharing them:

The teacher in this photo is Miss Callie Burkett. Elmer, Ora and Ina Moore are in this scan but most of unidentified. If you can identify anyone, please let us know.

Steve Butcher writes that he and his sister "are both as certain as we can be without being absolutely certain that the young man in the lower left corner of this picture is our father, John Leroy Butcher. He was born in October, 1912 to George Raymond and Nellie Stevens Butcher. Nellie was a grand-daughter of Laban and Susan Whitworth Funk."

If anyone has any method of confirming these or any of the kids in the scan, please let us know.

On the school steps. Ina Moore is on the far right with her brother, Ora, next to her.

back row: Meredith Maphis, Luther Hoagland, Gwendlyn Ellis and Loren Richmond.

bottom row: Duane Holland, Dale Butterfield, Opal Richmond and Elmer Moore.

These identifications are copied from the back of the photo. I'm not sure about some of them though, so if you have corrections, please let me know.

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