Bronaugh, Missouri School - 1921

 Thanks to RayDean Shaw for sharing these photos on this page from the Dicy Feller Noel estate and to Don Irwin for "retrieving" them.

The scan below shows the 1921 Bronaugh High School Students. Below the photo are enlargements of sections of students. Hopefully, we can get them all identified. Surely there are duplicate photos out there someplace?

Mary is nearly sure that the boy in overalls on the back row left is her grandfather, Joseph Newton Longacre.

Recognize anyone else?

Recognize anyone?




Bottom right in plaid dress: Alma Saathoff

Lower right is Miss Dicy Feller

This photo is undated but is probably also 1921 showing the younger students. The camera seems to have been set up the same place and the window behind looks identical.

This photo had been identified. However, cardboard backing on this photo has been cropped, cutting off some people and all first names. So here is what is written on the back. Perhaps you can use some of those names to identify individuals.

Back Row: --ta Thompson, --n Stevens, Klewein, --ma Terrell, Townley, --s Daugherty, Henson, Linn

Middle Row: Combs, --ell Hougland, Sherrell, --a Mell, --on Holland, --a Noel, --in Stevens, --rude Abbott, Foster, --a Rummefield, --y Daugherty

Front Row, one end or the other is Brubaker

Look below for close-ups. I have matched the names above with the photos as best I can at this time and am adding identifications as I receive them. Names in red are those we are certain of.

Back Row - No identities yet.




Middle Row - left is Lynn Jay Combs



Front Row - center is Lee Earl Thompson

Back Row - Girl in the checkered coat is Juanita (Wanita) Thompson




Middle Row - --a Mell, Vernon Holland, Anna Noel





Front Row - no identities yet

Back Row - --ma Terrell, Townley, --s Daugherty





Middle Row - --in Stevens, --rude Abbott, Foster




Front Row - No identities


Back Row - Charles Henson, Gladyce Linn





Middle Row - right Joe Combs





Front Row - Girl must be Brubaker.

Thanks to Lindell Haverstic, Ron Haase, Desiree Luca, Dr. Julie Combs, Don and Evelyn Irwin, and Linn and Carol Holland for helping with ID's.

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