Bronaugh, Missouri School, 1915

The original Bronaugh School was a two-story wooden structure about six blocks east of the current school location. It had been built in 1887 and was across the street west of the Methodist Church. The long side of the school was to the south and the double door was to the east, so that when one walked out that door, they faced the Methodist Church. This building was used until Sepember 1922, when the new 3 story brick school building was completed. In 1924, the ladies of the Methodist Church bought the old school. It was torn down and became the annex on the east side of the Methodist Church.

Here are students at Bronaugh High School, ca 1915. This photo is from an old post card.


The students are identified from left to right, beginning at top row (spellings have not been corrected):

Back Row: Iln Flemming, Blanche Davis, Mr. Martin, Blanche Seitz, Elvena Johnson, Grady Wise, Sadie Saathoff, John F. Saathoff, Jeanette Johnson, Gladys Hartzfeld, Fern Irwin, Theo Smith, Ethel Smith

Middle Row: Phyllis Shanholtzer, Reta Hoffhouse, Una Brubaker, Clesteele Ellis, Ardella Johnson, Mann Williams, Marie Doores, Eddythe Brubaker, Marie Majors, Dora Smith

Front Row: Herbert Sterns, George Burket, Lola Stevens, Ina Saathoff, Lucy Hawkins, John G. Saathoff, Brady Wise

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